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at the end of the completely wasted 3 hours with grade school educated tech support, the last *** says there is a systemwide problem, that no one can access pay per view. NO ONE at ATT is smart enough to send out a bulletin to phone reps to tell them so customers don't waste their time? NO ONE at ATT is smart enough to put a warning on the Pay Per View sites that the system isn't we can move on? Biggest F-ing idiots...
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I didn't like
  • How it cause charges in my acount due to them
  • No knowledge in customer service people
  • No help
Worst customer service I ever had!!!I ordered pay preview ufc. Called because it wasn't coming through they were having difficulties. 50 min. Of talking lady refused to give me supervisor said it was recorded please do lisson to recording 9/10/16 at 10:00 I talked to a Christine she refused to give me her last name. I told her I wanted my money back I had a house full of guest that was waiting to watch fight. She said once that when it comes...
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Horrible service!!!!! Purchased a ufc pay per view to watch the main event. Entire event works fine until a little bit of rain shows up and the service cuts out for the entire main event. What kind of *** is that? After that it wasn't even worth watching cause I already knew who *** won. You would think since satellite has been around for a few years now they would have some type of better service in the rain. Never, ever purchasing direct tv...
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I tried to order a movie that i had to order at a spefic time, it wasn't on demand.I went to the channel and i got the code 742 and it would let me order the movie, then i called and the automated system took at least 10 minutes to get to a person. The automated system kept saying it couldn't understand me. The person couldn't help me and ended up sending me back to the automated system.Now I've missed 10-15 minutes of the movie and it cinnects...
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