I had a receiver go out. Called tech support center, got the rum around before they would send me another receiver. The receiver did not work right. I probably spent eight hours trying to convince their misserable tech support that it was not the tv.

Two weeks later a repair man brought another receiver. They tried to bill me for the broken receiver he took back with him.

Then they billed me for HD. I only wanted the basic package. They took the HD off and some channels like CNN the weather channel etc. Called again and got that fixed. I probably spent eight hours of my time trying to get it to work.

I get the monthly bill that has a late charge and extra stuff tacked on. It is for something that I don't understand. They added this after I paid the last bill and charged me a late fee. I am told they do not do line item billing and if I want to know what it is that is tough. I asked what it would cost to cancel my contact and it is cheaper to keep it for now. They advertise all these channels but it seems the majority are advertisements. I find only about5% a normal person would watch out of the whole bunch. I will cancel when the contract is up. They need a new CEO and CFO.

Review about: Directv Receiver.

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