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DirecTV updated their software which added a power saving mode which shuts your receiver off after 4 hours of not using it. It used to turn a screen saver on that bounced a DirecTV logo around the screen but when the change went in the unthinkable happened. We found a "No Input Signal" burned into our 47" LCD TV because the TV was not receiving any input from any device when the receiver shut off.

Made a few phone calls this morning. I was transferred to their Damage Claims department which when I asked for a phone number and a name to get in touch with if we were to get disconnected that there was only an address. I never did get the employees name even after asking again.

After explaining the situation to him he put me on hold, I waited a good 20 minutes before he finally came back and said he was still working on a solution. About 5 minutes later he comes back and says that that I need to contact the TV manufacturer for further assistance. I explained to him that I knew that this isnt his fault but I wasn't going to accept that for an answer because I'm just going to get ping ponged back and forth between the TV manufacturer and DirecTV, that the two companies were just going to point fingers back and forth at each other till their eyes popped out.

I asked to be transferred to his boss, waited another 15 minutes in complete silence. Hoping I wasn't hung up on I asked if anyone was there and he promptly said "Yes, I'll be transferring you now". WTF had he been doing for the last 15 minutes? At this point some hold music comes on, wait another 10 minutes and I am finally in contact with his boss. She basically explained to me how it is not their problem and that "They aren't responsible for making sure people turn off their TV's".

I can understand that this whole ordeal really sucks but this is not our fault, we weren't warned about the specifics of the software update and it ruined our TV.

Not really sure where to go from here. They are refusing to replace the TV, refusing to even give any type of services credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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TMMz. I do not understand this.

My husband & I watch sports, movies, (some of them 4 hours -6 hours long), golf games normally are over 4 hours or longer in major tournaments & longer if there is a sudden death playoff. With both of us watching, our signal went out because we did not change the channel or turn down the audio. The only option left was not touching the remote for 4 hours.

Please explain how this is possible. Thank you.


Theres a setting in the menus to turn Energy Star off. Intelligent design of most modern HD tvs power down after 10 to 15 minutes of no video or audio.

If your hd tv is not offering this feature its a flaw in the design. They were right to send you to them.


Jsholt83. Please see "Direct TV New Practices Should Be considered Fraud" dated March 3, 2012. I contacted Direct TV when this happened to us & was told "there is nothing you can do." Accidentally found this site & wrote a complaint. Thankfully, a kind gentleman replied & told me how to stop this "power save" or this might have happened to our 52" LCD HD tv we had recently purchased.

This is not your fault. You did not request your service be stopped every 4 hours. Direct TV did that ALL on their own & without notification. If you had 24-7 service then this probably would not have occurred. Direct TV should be MADE to credit or refund all their customers EVERY MONTH at least half of their bill because full price 24-7 is what is paid to Direct TV, but services now recieved is only for 4 hours. IMO this is an invasion of privacy, causes undue stress having to watch the clock every 4 hours to "stop" the energy saver from starting, & I personally consider it home invasion & fraud.

Am very sorry this happened to you. The only recourse I can see for you is to contact an attorney because had your signal not been stopped your OWN personal property might not have been destroyed. Wonder how many more people this has happened to because of this "unasked" for service to "save power", but for whom--our tv sets are STILL on!

IMO you are due full restoration for your personal property loss because of this "unasked for and unwanted" service from Direct TV.