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I received a free 3-month premium channel preview during the first of 2016. Every bill since has included a $107.00 charge for premium channels Just last week the channels were finally removed after my calling nearly every month. However, Direct TV will not issue me a...
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I do understand where you are coming from Sir/Madam to tell you honestly as much as possible we really wanted to remove the premium channels that you pertaining their are reason why rather than removing it they gave you $22 off for 6 months because any downgrades of...
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I have called twice to cancel premium stations that were free for 3 months (but they charged me for them). They never turned off the stations and continued to charge me. I have taken my bill off automatic but now how do I recoop the monies they stole out of my...
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Directv Premium Tv Package Review

Well, we switched to Direct TV only to get a bill that is 75.00 higher than what we were told, a gift card for 200.00 less than promised and trouble with our service. Very disappointed!
Thought we had it good with directv until we moved. Now, the channels freeze up and stutter on perfectly sunny days and the remote never works. We had to pay $250 to move our equipment and have them set it up or pay a cancellation fee. Total BS! Then the guy installs...
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I was with direct tv for many years carrying their premier package which rose to a cost of close to 200$ a month.I moved to a new home and canceled my service which I was charged for another month after I canceled my service. I was even considering switching service to...
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