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on july11,2011 i signed up for a special promotion via the net,they advertised the ultimate choice w/ nfl package plus all the extras for 39.99,when i got the 1st bill-it was a whole new story!!90.99 I am mad as ***,after much research I have directv corporate names,emails & phone number's PLEASE everyone who is fed up with their ripping us off CALL & EMAIL all of them @verronica (head of sales)custadvocfollowup@directv.com,robert mercer (310)964-4683 rgmercer@directv.com,jade ekstedt (310)964-3429 jlekstedt@directv.com darris gringeri (310)964-0808 vanessa dunham (310)964-2497 vadunham@directv.com EVERYONE call & email constanly remind them of how mad we are post these names & numbers everyqwher you can think of.let's make think it's egypt all over again & they are to be ousted!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Directv is awful. I called a year ago for the bundled package due to incorrect information they gave me we agreed on a 12 month contract at a price i would rather not have paid.

I was told at the end of that 12 month period i could call in and sign up for another promotion which i did in July. The rep i talked to signed me up for the 39.99 a month package, got my first bill and all looked fine. I recieved my second bill and was being billed full price. When i called in i am being told that i am existing customer who signed a 24 month contract and that there is now way possible they could offer me that package.

Doesn't make sense to me, their sales rep gave me the info on this package and verified she switched me. I told them to pll that call to verify what i was saying was true but of course they can't, the calls can only be listned to by their quality team to check quality. Isn't this an issue regarding quality and information i recieved? According to them i am in contract for another 12 months, the only thing i can do is cancel early and pay their fee's or downgrade my service to less than what i have now.

Isn't a contract null and void if you sign under false pretenses? I would never recommend directv to anyone.


Directv claims they have "award winning customer service." I can't see how that is possible after the way I was treated. The installer was at the house 48 hours after we signed up, but failed to install the HD DVR we ordered.

Customer service said it would take 32 days for someone to come out to fix their mistake. They also lie about "whole home DVR." Only works when you upgrade every reciever to HD, for an extra charge. I called to cancel service after only a couple of days, but they offered to install the extra HD reciever at no charge. My wife took off from work, but the installer never showed up.

C.S. said the supervisor I spoke to put it in the notes, but did not schedule the tech to come out. I was "promised" (actual C.S. quote) that tech would come out in 72 hours and I even had the agent repeat what they offered so no miscommunications.

I missed work AGAIN to sent up a second appointment. The tech came out today and had no idea what I was talking about. C.S. said I would have to pay $199 for what they "promised" for free since they goofed.

The agent refused give me a phone number to a supervisor or corporate headquarters. The "supervisor Albert" that was to call me back was just the call service in San Antonio, so all she did was brush me off on them. They had no idea who Albert was or why I called. They offered again to provide a free HD reciever in my daughter's room, but coul'd install it or the DVR for another week.

If they can get someone out to install (which takes 2 1/2 hours) in 48 hours, why does it take a week to correct their mistakes??? I feel so much better now that I have cancelled Directv!!! If you search this website, you can get the phone numbers to their corporate offices.

Suprise- no one answers the phone. Buyer beware!!!


its quite obvious the reply from "You are a ---"works for Directv.I have contacted the corperate office & NO MATTER who I speak with IT'S the same old "Three card Monty" the are very good at playing with words & numbers,it seems as they took some plays right out of President Bill Clinton's "How to lie & have the masses believe" book.They need to be brouhgt up before a grand jury!!As far as the price break down in the after sale email it was FULL of the same LIES i was told on the phone.They are dishonest,plain & simple.My advice is,if you dont have directv DONT get ANY service from them,IF you have their service make SURE you set up a TOTALLY different bank account for they WILL at the end of a contract,or if you cancel charge what they WANT or can get by with & withdraw from your account.BOTTOM LINE-if it looks like-smells like-& taste like a dirty rat-IT IS A DIRTY RAT


Thank you! Spent 7 hrs phone with different agents giving me different information.

As we speak the tech is hooking directv up. Think we are making biggest mistake since the order is wrong and customer service agents are each giving me different information about pricing.


First, if anyone decides to assist you in your bombardment of Directv, Directv will simply just change the contact information which they already do every few months. Secondly, they do not advertise an overall price for your base package and "all the extras." If you take the time to read the advertisement throughly you would see that only the base package (choice ultimate in your case) is included in that price and to get it you need to submit a rebate online, which takes 20 seconds.

If the ads aren't enough, they even send you a confirmation email and letter that break down the costs and remind you to submit the rebate. You should be pissed at yourself not Directv