I signed up for the one year $29.99 "deal", then went online to complete the rebate form. They said it would take 2-3 months for the rebate to kick in.

By the time it became apparent that the rebate had not been applied, it was beyond the 90 day rebate period.

At first, DirecTV said they had no record of me applying for the rebate, then said an outside company handled the rebates.

When I threatened to cancel, they made some price concessions but not enough to make me whole. I like the product, but BEWARE, the rebate is a total scam!

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I ordered Directv's promotional package for $49.00. I was told to go online and submit for the rebate.

The web site did not work. I then called Directv and talked for 1-1/2 hours to 2 representatives who could not help me, they said rebates were handled by and outside company. I cancelled the Directv order before they came out to install it.

I had to talk to 3 representatives before the order was cancelled. They were very RUDE.


How long after your service was installed did u submit your rebate?

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