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I purchased a new receiver from directtv and its installation. It cost me $157 total and it was supposed to installed on Saturday 01-14-17 from 0800-1200. That Saturday they changed it to 1200-4pm. The guy actually showed up at 4:37pm. he tells me that he doesn't have...
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Anonymous as long as its not installed, you can cancel.

I liked
  • Representative sonia
I didn't like
  • Lying
  • Rude customer service
  • Shaun r installer
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I asked for a another box to be put in on my porch now no one told me that I would have to turn one of my boxes in the house off in order to watch the tv on my porch if I was told that from the being I would have never asked for that kind of box and now because I wasnt...
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After back to back days of having contracted Direct TV techs arriving to our home only to eventually learn they did not have the completed work order to complete or even start our planned work we are still without the Genie package.Calling customer service is a...
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I am extremely disappointed with directv and the customer service. The technician that first installed my directv on June 8, 2016 talked me into allowing him to set up my main (wired) reciever in my guest bedroom that is mostly left unused in order for him to not have...
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Anonymous Same issue among others The sales rep sold me on the option to turn my tv into a smart tv assuring me that I would be getting apps and that could not be further from the truth...