Tupelo, Mississippi

DirecTV installed 11/30/09, called 11/30/09 to try and resolve issues of poor picture quality and did not get local channels in HD. Called back 12/1/09, issues could not be solved..We were transferred to cancellation department, rep stated would not be a fee.

12/10/09 unauthorized debit card transaction from DirecTV for $450.06, I called got confirmation # that it would be 6-8 weeks, I called 1/7/10 to check status I was told by rep from cancellation department that nothing (since when I called back in 12/09)was ever done on the account to even process the refund, she then spoke to upper management and informed me I would have my refund back in my checking account 5-8 business days, today 1/20/09 was the last day no refund issued. I called today and rep told me that it will 6-8 weeks from the date 1/7/10, that sent me over the edge and beyond. This is criminal, theft, and unjust. They have had my money hostage since December and they think I will wait 6-8 more weeks from January 07, NO WAY NO WAY!!!!

I am from Mississippi, local BBB said that must contact www.LABBB.org since corporate office is in El Seguneo, CA.

11/30/09-12/01/09 (one day) of so called service!! DirecTV must be stopped, Please also call consumer watch dog to file a complaint (310)392-0522.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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how do I get my refund when I switched from dish network. dish charged me 175.00.

direct says they will pay up to

200.00? John Westlund


I cancelled my account to switch to FIOS and was had long since been finished with the two year contract. They then billed me for the equipment eventhough i sent it back promptly.

They had admit they received it on time etc. and are giving me the same runaround they're giving you, and they also charged me about $450 also!!!!!

Was this ever resolved for you? I've received twice mails from them that say i have a credit of $450, but that is worthless to me because i'm not a customer of theirs.


www.directvscams.com Would you reward a kid for stealing from your purse? Of course you wouldn't.Then why is the NFL rewarding Directv with exclussive rights?

They lie , cheat , and steal.They charge you to lease their equipment , then charge you upto $5.99 to protect it against repairs.They will also make unauthorized charges to your credit/debit card.This is 100% accurate , google directv complainsts , it will blow your mind , they had over 20,000 complaints in 3 years , thats a BBB record.They have 3 lawsuits pending , in California , Washington , and Oregon.This does not include the silent suits.My goal is to get congress to open the NFL Sunday Ticket to cable companies , And all Satellite companies , At the top there is a Petition , my goal is to get 10,000 signatures then I'm sending the petition to congress.America needs competition , what if there was only 1 electrc company , gas company , Or auto maker?You Get the point , Thanks for your support! Earl David Evans


12/21 called and said refund was credited to card that was on file, but it was cancelled more than 30 days ago, because of unauthorized debit transaction from DirecTV, bank would not refund my money because we had agreement that they would refund my money. Correct card was given by assistant bank manager 12/30/09 to them, which at that time they said it would be escalated and back in my checking account within 72 hours.

(never happened) No one decided to bother to correct information on file, # was given again 1/7/10..they are just jerking me around again and again. Now manager says 12 business days to correct with financial department, should be no reason for this!! I am ill. I will file complaint with Attorney General, called DirecTV I have corporate address, but did not have a name of a person to address (president, vice president name) I will send a certified letter to Corporate Address.

But instead I would really love to take them to small claims court. Any other suggestions??

@DirectTV Refund Issue, (update

Let me know what you come up with I em too trying to get money and they just keep jerking me around. So if you could send me what you have I would appreciate it. Joey44buckshot@gmail.com 971 300 5474