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I've had DirecTV for 9 years. They sent me a refurbished replacement for a dead receiver. I returned the old box as instructed. Two weeks later I have a demand on my account for $250 the is "overdue". Turns out it is for the box I returned.

The first guy I talked looked up the account and told me they had not received it. That was LIE #1. He said I had to go to the post office to have them track the package.

Luckily I had the tracking number and found from the USPS site that DirecTV had received the box about 10 days previously. The next guy I talked to started to deny they had received it, but I had the tracking number, which he requested that I give him. Amazing. This is THEIR tracking number. He admitted that they had received it, but said he could not credit my account because he did "not have the authority for an amount that high." Wow. He said he would cancel the return kit and gave me a cancel confirm number. He said in would show up as a credit in 72 hours. That was LIE #2 and was a month ago.

I was told the same lie two additional times by two other people.

Last week I was told that it actually took 5 business days for the credit to appear. That was lie #5. The next time I returned one of the harassing collection calls I was now getting at home, I was told that it takes 5-7 business days for a credit to appear. Meanwhile, they wanted me to pay -but I wasn't born yesterday and by this time would not believe anyone at DirecTV. I'll skip the next few lies.

In the most recent conversation the person I talked to had the nerve to tell me that someone had to actually check in their warehouse to make sure the equipment was really there. I won't even comment on that.

An absolutely horrible company to deal with. Why can't a company that can bounce TV shows off a satellite manage to credit an account for $250 for equipment they admit they have? Why after 5 weeks am I still getting the runaround. I'm convinced now that this is deliberate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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HUH!Something about this complaint does not seem true.I have returned equiment to DIRECTV and Never had a problem.I have been with DIRECTV since 06 AND Have spoken to several customer service rep's which were very helpful in what i was trying to do with my account with them.Or maybe you should discontinue you service with them.


Law suit!!!!