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In 2008 we figured we would give Direct TV a shot. We gave them a call to see what they had to offer and compared them to other companies such as Comcast and Dish. At that time they had a rebate going on that deducted $20 off our bill every month, for 12 months. The one thing that stuck with us is that our female representative specifically stated that "A DirecTV representative will come and remove your satellite and patch the holes if you ever decide to cancel". I was shocked that they would do that, so I decided to go with them. Three years now, we decide to cancel to lower our monthly bills and of course, the new representative states that we have to remove the dish ourselves and they are not going to take care of anything....

This has nothing to do with fine print or false advertisement, we were pretty much just directly lied to. When I first called DirecTV in 2008 I specifically asked the employee if we would get assistance in removing the satellite if we were to ever cancel. She stated yes and told us the quoted message above. Just wanted to let any future customers know to make sure to get things in writing and of course get the representatives names. This would at least help your case in stead of a bunch of "he said, she said"

To DirecTV: I am going to forever speak negatively of you guys if the topic were to ever come up. Terrible service...

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