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I had this service installed on the 1st of December of 2016 along with ATT wireless (which disconnects in the middle of play on my phone randomly) I have spent countless hours on the phone troubleshooting the service in our home. We have had three different technicians to our home to correct problems and still continue to have problems daily.

They have offered reimbursements on our inconveniences however it doesn't help giving me gratuities on service that I cant receive. That's like an insult and adding salt to a wound by offering to give you an inconvenience fee on something you can't watch. Oh my God the problems that I have had from this service since installation have been astronomical! I left WOW because of the $50 savings that I would have been allowed and unfortunately I'm locked into a 2 year contract on this garbage system and I say garbage I wouldn't even feed this to the rats it's that bad.

"I urge you to consider taking on this service. Research reviews,ask people and mostly consider spending a little more for service from any other provider so you will be able to enjoy what you pay for. I certainly didn't forsee spending hours on the phone and running from room to room to correct issues with a passcode on each unit,then back to the main,then to another room then back again with someone with broken English and trying to understand instructions to fix a broken system. For some I'm sure that it's nice for most it's a problem especially in areas where you have inclement weather i am in Michigan.

I guess the factors for having this service in Michigan are if the sun shines if the wind blows if it snows if it's just a happy day it could or might not work because we have DirecTV It is by far the worst mistake I have ever made in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps.If we had to have a service provider available to correct all of the problems that we have in our home that we have had to troubleshoot they should have somebody living in my spare room. I'd like to add that above all what they considered to be help,which is really damage control for anger issues with this service is no matter what their reimbursement or inconvenience fees are they can never ever give me the cost of the time that I have wasted in my life back.

TIME is something that's priceless there is no monetary ammount that can be awarded! I hope you can learn from my mistake from poor choices and have a "Merry Christmas"

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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