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I was offered a $200 prepaid visa gift card for purchasing my service online. I then received an email from DirecTV the next day offering me an additional $25 prepaid visa gift card.

I was then told that I had to wait until my service was active before I could receive them. Four days later; my service is now active but they tell me that because I waited until my service was active to enquire about the gift cards I now had to wait 30 days to get the gift cards. During this time period I get a postcard in the mail reminding me to redeem my $200 gift card. At the 30 day mark I call back and they tell me that I actually have to wait 6-8 more weeks.

They transfer me to another department that tells me they don't see I qualify for any of these things but offer me a $50 credit towards my bill. I told them that wasn't going to work for me. They then bump the credit amount to $100.. I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they didn't have one.......

finally I asked what I needed to do to get this taken care of and they told me I had to fax them proof that I received anything from THEM offering me these things. All the while that this is going on, you can't just cal and talk to the appropriate group. You have to call a basic customer service rep that schedules a phone call from someone else, however they can't tell you when they will be calling. If you miss the call you have to call back and have someone from DirecTV schedule another mystery phone call for you.

Moral of the story, the TV programming is great but their customer service is a laughable joke. They also shouldn't be offering benefits that they then don't pay..

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Reward Card.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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