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When I was approved for DirecTV they informed me that I needed a $200 deposit fee, they never informed me it was nonrefundable. After taking my money the technician was scheduled to come out.

When he finally arrived he hooked everything up. This was at 12:45pm then at 11p my service was disconnected. I called customer service who referred me to what they called "Special Department" I can see why. The next day i called I was basically cursed out!

Come to find out they linked an old account from my spouse to my account. This was in the past and had nothing to do with me! They told me clearly "You aren't getting your money back, you paid for our time!" Three differentpeople kept telling me this and also yelling in the process. I was even told that I can keep trying they will never give and that they NEVER tell anyone about their deposits being non refundable.

Be careful!

Ask a lot of questions-especially if they ask for money down... It's NON REFUNDABLE!!!

Review about: Directv Installation.

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I had to put down $400 deposit, too. They said it will be used to deduct my bill toward the end of the contract, but it never happens.

When I called to ask, they said that $400 was for the installation fee and it is non refundable. If I knew the installation fee was that expensive, I'd never sign contract with them.

Monthly charges were also more expensive than what they advertise. I feel like they have been stealing from me.

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