Greenville, South Carolina
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We upgraded our equipment late in December 2011. We called shortly after Christmas to cancel our account due to problems many other Americans are facing. We cannot cancel without being charged of $400.00!!! This is outrageous to say the least! We have paid for Directv for years and now that we can't afford it, we're being punished. We would like to have the fee waived and the service canceled. The best we can get with Customer Service is to have the account in suspension for 6 months and then have to pay either for monthly service or the cancellation fee. Either is not acceptable to me.

Krista Wesley

Greer, SC 29651

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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You are much better off if you use a credit card because the cc have to accept your dispute whereas the banks sometimes does not.If they do return the money to your account(if they have charged you)bear in mind that it can also be placed back on your credit card pending the outcome of the cc's investigation.I'd certainly change the account DTV has on file for you either the # or a new account before you cancel service.

I had DTV for 5 months of pure ***,I cancelled,they charged my cc over $800 for early cancellation and nonret equipment but I fought them and won.I filed complaints with BBB,FTC & Attorney General in California where DTV is located.I also filed a complaint against my credit card for allowing the charges to go through after telleng me they would not allow these charges.the BBB helped me with the cc complaint,my money was returned and I closed the CC account.As Mom stated the cable co has a good deal call ask for their "Buy Back Program" I did this too and got 3 free months service plus I got my money back from DTV.


By your replacing the equipment this has renewed your contract with DTV for 2 yrs. I would Have them put the account into suspension and then call your bank or credit card or bank and change the numbers or close the account and get a new one (do not give DTV the new #)DTV will turn you over to collections after this time but you will have 6 months to figure out what to do.Your credit report will take a hit but you can also file a rebuttal on your report.


If you have any credit card info or debit card info on file with them, call the bank and cancel them! They took over $500 from my debit card last month without my permission! I am still waiting to hear the outcome of the dispute with the bank about this.


Call your cable company for a deal. Did you ever have cable? They will offer to pay the 400 for your service.


Call your cable company for a deal. Did you ever have cable? They will offer to pay the 400 for your service.