Phoenix, Arizona

Had Directv for 7 years. Recently added Starz and was offered a $25 cash back promo.

That was 4 months ago and have yet to see rebate. Also have had bad reception and was told my bill would be adjusted for lost service, NEVER HAPPENED! I called to find out why and was told my bill was past due and they could not discuss until I became current. I told them the are hiding behind this excuse and that I was not going to pay any bill until they compensated my account.

The csr then threatened me with collections and judgments at which time I told them to disco my service altogether. I am now getting cable and am saving about $56 a month over Directv and have same services, with no weather interference or BAD CSR!!! DIRECTV IS A RIPOFF COMPANY!!!


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If you have DTV that was purchased through Smart Circle reps, and you have issues with service, you HAVE TO CALL DTV. You are their customer as soon as the system is installed. We are just a 3rd party rep for the sale and the installation.


Do not, I repeat, do not buy Direct TV thru Sams Club or Smart Circle. They are the biggest liars and rip offs I have ever encountered.

Thank goodness Direct TV is an honorable company and tried to make up for the poor service and low quality of the installers and customer service of Smart Circle. Unfortunately I paid an extra 70 dollars for an inhome service contract and they couldnt even install it so everything worked in, let alone come back. They told me my surround sound was defective, although it was working for the last 5 years before they arrived, and didnt work after they left. After being refused a return first because it wasn\'t their responsability, but it was mine.

I then called Direct TV directly and they explained that the installers did not program their satelite receiver correctly, and set up a service call, and waived the 40 service call because it never worked on the first day. The tech arrived and in 30 seconds programed his box to output dolby from his box to my surround sound.

I now have other problems with the HD DVR dying and still cannot get Smart Circle for a service call. Beware subcontractors and always deal directly with your providers.