Los Angeles, California
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I have never ordered or even looked at DirecTV because everyone knows their services are not as good as competitors. This morning around 11:00AM I received a call from them; they check if i had the same address as they have.

Surprisingly, they have the address that i used to live at and currently living at. However, I spoke to them a few months before and they gave me an invalid SS# to what I have. They constantly call me what should i do?

I will not pay $1000 for this non-sense. I am sick and tired of this harassment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I would not do anything and certainly would not pay something I did not owe! If they do not have the correct SS for you they cannot turn it into your credit report soooo they do not have a leg to stand on..change your phone#


If they already have your address, ask them to send you the collection notices to document the amounts. Once received, send them a letter officially and legally disputing the charges and informing them they are not to contact you further concerning the charges.

You are allowed to do so under what is referred to as the Fair Debt Collections Act and the Fair Debt Reporting Acts.

Make sure, however, that you've never co-signed for anyone who has the service. As such, you're as legally responsible for the charges as the person who receives them.


Get an answering machine/caller ID and stop taking their calls. Be sure to check your credit reports for these bogus charges: annualcreditreport dot com