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Had been satisfied DirecTV customer for many years with Sony equipment I installed myself. In 2006 I purchased an HD TV and called DirecTV to inquire about upgraded service/content.

They quoted me a price for monthly service upgrade and equipment. The equipment they installed never received local channels in HD which is what I specifically requested. After 4 months of requests to their customer service for a remedy, I finally gave up and removed their equipment and returned it to them. They threatened me with an early cancellation fee and other charges.

I petitioned my credit card company (Discover) who stated they would arbitrate the dispute with DirecTV. They (Discover)finally gave up and returned the disputed $ to me. DirecTV has been hounding me ever since despite several registered letters from me documenting their failure to provide the upgrade I requested and their insistence I pay for it regardless. I will not pay for what I did not receive.

My advice: petition your credit card company for a refund and then just ignore DirecTV's correspondence....or better yet, never sign with them in the first place. I petitioned the MI Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and the FCC....none of them offered any recourse (your tax dollars at work). The FCC stated that satellite tv is an emerging technology that they would not penalize. What utter ***.

Any business that operates the way DirecTV does does not deserve to rise above "emerging technology" status.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Yeah , this is what is called corporate thievery. FCC , State or anyone else is not going to care.

Customer service with some companies like direct tv is nothing but you'll have your bend and turn around so that they can put their big *** up ur *** and *** over and over again, until you discover the reality and then it's too late.

I was about to sign up with them. Thank god I checked yahoo for directv compaints and tons of sites came up.