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If you are interviewing for or currently working for ADCO or any other company owned by Brian Mcguigan run away now. this is a smart circle company ran by one of the worst people I have ever known.

The company is a joke and the owner knows nothing about professionalism or respect. Brian Mcguigan is a power hungry child that will treat anyone like dirt to make a buck. I owned my own branch with this organization and left once I worked closely with Brian and saw how terrible of a person he was. If that is what is expected of an owner, then they can have it.

You will sell dtv in a retail store for min wage or commission greater of the two. You will average about 3-4 hundred a week not the $750 Brian says. They do not have a good enough install team to handle the job so over half your sales will be wasted.

In the meantime Brian Mcguigan will treat you like *** and expect you to thank him for your nonexistent opportunity. You will see his brother who works with him who has been in the business over 10 years and is still trying to establish his " opportunity ".

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