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I recently called directv inquiring abt new serviceackages for our new home. Unfortunately the last cable co we had does not service our home, ugh.

Our ONLY 2 options if we want cable are directv or dish. Well after a half an hour of speaking w/ the rep (abt 15 min of explaining I needed to go (yes I should have just been rude and hung up) and the rep continuing to speak over my insistence that I was simply calling abt options and pricing and still needed to speak w/ my husband and look into dish insisted I leave some information so that I would have a reference # in the event I did decide to go w/ directv. Well since I made it abundantly clear I had NOT yet decided to go w/ them and certainly did not want to waste that much time talking w/ a sales rep again if we decided to go with them I provided my basic info. Well, I was LIVID to find a BILL in my mailbox for services within a few days!!!!!!!

When I called customer service after explaining everything to the numbnut who took my call I was told I wld need to contact the new sales dept! I told him that as a cust service rep he shld be assisting me and it was not my job to spend my day clearing up the mess that DIRECTV CREATED. I am soooooo sick of companies providing crappy service and it is then left to the consumer to spend so much of their own time fixing problems that shld never have happened in the first place. Needless to say NOONE I spoke w/ at directv claimed to be able to help me so I've since ignored the bill and now my only option is to look into dish.

(I wld rather go w/o cable, but my husband needs his sports :( ..., as I do not like the idea of their contacts and everchanging prices and I do not have the time to examine every minute detail of bills). The crooked sales rep was likely trying to gain commission on a sale and shld be fired!

Monetary Loss: $88.

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If you got a bill from DirectTV,they have you signed up for service.If you gave them your credit card or bank acc# and you cancel service there is an early cancellation fee of $20 for every month left on the 2 yr contract they signed you up for.They will automatically deduct this amount from whatever account you have on file.The only thing you can do at this point is close the bank acc or credit card account they have on file for you before you cancel service with them. I hope I am wrong but I don't believe I am,don't trust a word they say to you..They Lie! Good Luck

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