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Directv says that I established a two-year contract with them when I "bought" my HD DVR at Best Buy. I never signed or agreed to any contract with Directv and had been a customer since 2004.

I told them that I would not be paying the $100 early cancellation fee and that they would have to sue me for it. Directv is trying to scam their customers who are trying to discontinue their service. I had a choice, either keep Directv to avoid the $100 "early termination fee" or continue to pay their exorbitant rates for cable. I chose to fight.

They have sent my bill to collections and are threatening to inform the credit bureaus of my "delinquencies". I have sent them a letter informing them that I dispute the charges and will be sending a letter to the credit bureaus as well.

Don't take this lying down. I am fortunate that the information regarding my credit card was out dated and they couldn't pull the money directly out of my account.

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North Granby, Connecticut, United States #172642

My point ROB is that Directv has no way of proving that I committed to a two-year contract. They contacted me this week via the Better Business Bureau and said they couldn't prove that I had a contract with them and that they would be dropping all efforts to collect the $100 early termination fee. I refused to lay down and take it from Directv, i fought back and so should anyone being charged erroneous fees.


You're lucky - to get out of my 2-year contract it will be $300!


Got news for ya.....That paperwork you signed when checking out at Best Buy did commit you to a 2 year deal.....This has been the deal for a LONG time.

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