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I ordered directv and requested 2 hi-def. Boxes and one standard.

When they came to install the system thet brought 2 standard boxes and one hi-def. When i explained this to their installer,he said no problem ,let me get you hooked up,and when you have time seeing tha you just moved,to call our office and theyll exchange it,no problem. When i called in i was told that an upgrade would cost me $99.00 i explained to the rep that they made a mistake and sent me the wrong box,why should i have to pay for your mistake? Then they called a supervisior who wasnt hearing anything i was trying to tell her and said it was my fault and hung up on me.

When i called back they kept me on the phone for 90 mins. same nonsense.Then i told them ghey over charged me that i didnt receive my rebates. They said i never claimed them. I claimed them by phone,before the systdm was installed.

Your company is scamming the hard working public and i happen to be disabled so your scamming oeople with disa ilities. i will not let this go,it extortion.

I will continue to complain to every agency until i get what i pay for. This is a double talking company who is cheating its customers

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Direct TV is a horrible company, your nightmare has just begun! Contact your State ADA and Dept.

of Consumer Protection for help. Watch your bank account or credit card for mysterious unauthorized charges from them. I cancelled the "dish" and immediately went back to Comcast and will never leave them again!

The little bit of money you may save with the "dish" is not work the aggravation...all you get is horrible customer service and your TV is constantly "searching for a signal". Keep fighting them...good luck!

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