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Complainant Information

Mr. Brian Alley


Pittsburgh, PA XXXXXXX




Company Information:

DirecTV, Inc.

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Website: http://www.directv.com

Phone: (800) 531-5000

Complaint Text

On May 17th I canceled my account. Gave them my new address in which to send my final bill and a box in which to return my equipment. They did send the final bill, however I have been waiting for the box since then. On the 28th of June I get a call from DirecTV stating that my account is overdue. I return their phone call and find out that they sent the box to the wrong address. They are apolitical stating they sent it to the wrong address and that they will send me another box to the correct address. They also state once they receive their box, my account will be brought to a $0 balance. Today I get charged for the box $267.50, because of their mistake. I call them and they admit their mistake and that there is nothing to do about the charges. I spoke to 4 people and still no refund. Don't trust them, don't give them your business. They are crooks that are trying to bleed their customers dry. I believe the box was sent to the wrong address intentionally and this is how they "reward" you for canceling your service.

Resolution Sought: I wish my account to be refunded the $267.50 that I was charged

Date Problem Started: 5/17/2012

Date of Transaction: 6/30/2012

Amount in Dispute: $267.50

Invoice Number:

Complaint Type: Billing or Collection Issues

Product or Service:

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Complaint Department

BBB of the Southland, Inc.

Monetary Loss: $267.

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