Albuquerque, New Mexico

As soon as the Olympic coverage began on NBC, we began having problems with our Directv service. We can watch 15 minutes of Olympics coverage on NBC, and then we COMPLETELY LOSE about half of all of our TV channels!!!!!!!!!

We have called Directv three times in the past three days, and then we stopped calling, BECAUSE THEY WIPED OUT ALL OF OUR CHANNELS during the last call!!!!! How's that for service?! We've been customers for 10 years and are now ready to switch to someone who delivers what we pay for and doesn't lie about it over the phone (when my husband asked if others were having problems, they said "No" and scheduled us for a service visit IN THREE DAYS).

Ridiculous -- pathetic job sponsoring the Olympics, Directv! Instead of spending money on advertising, use it to buy a clue!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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The beginning of the Olympic Closing Ceremony looked awesome. Wonder how the rest was????....I WOULDN'T KNOW, I have DIRECT TV and IT CUT NBC OFF RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW due to "technical difficulties".

But not a problem, another summer olympics closing ceremoney will be on another 4 freakin' years! Direct TV, how do you screw up the Olympics?

Really? REALLY???


Gosh, Olympic coverage just ended, and I have no problem with my signal. So happy I can watch local news, too bad I missed the world record 4X100 world record, I was watching the "searching for satellite signal"on screen.

No problem watching CNN or The Blue Lagoon, just no Olympics. Must be that my dish isn't lined up. Right!!! Hope Dish is better, I'm done paying $75 a month and getting..

back up, NOT getting the service I have paid for. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice *** directtv!!!


Been a subscriber for seven years, and can't watch the Olympics!! All I get is "searching for satellite signal" on all local channels.

Never gotten that before, and if I can't get a satellite signal, then why do all the junk channels come in just fine?? Called cs, they said they could send someone out by the 19th, big deal!! Just called back and asked to talk to a supervisor, was given the runaround until I insisted, then was told their "system was down", call back in a few hours. I WILL call back, and will demand a cancellation of my service and a credit on this months bill, for service I paid for and did not receive.

They apparently think we are all ***, that we have a problem on the receiving end when we can't get a signal on the local (Olympic) channels, but can get QVC and other junk channels just fine... Obviously they have oversold their ability to deliver, and owe their subscribers a refund!!

Class action lawsuit, anyone?? I'm in!!!


Started having issues last night watching Olympics, we would loose service for 30 seconds. Today its horrible 30 drones on 30the seconds off.

Called customer service and said they will send out a tech on Thursday. :?

W..T.F. that's five days from now, the Olympics will be almost over.


I am having same issues


I'm having the same issues. We lost NBC our channel 26, and also have had multiple issues with the DVR since starting with Direct TV a month ago.

AND WHAT REALLY STINKS IS THAT WE HAVE A 2 YR CONTRACT :cry , OUR CABLE SERVICE WAS BAD, BUT THIS IS WORSE! I agree there must be some software issue, my husband has been on the phone with different tach support agents for HOURS!!!!!


I'm having the same issue. Everything was working fine until the Olympics started.

Then my HDTV receiver kept losing a signal on the HD channels but not the standard. Then I lost every channel from 3 to 130 and all my standard movie channels like Encore. Then when I put it on the SD version of NBC I would get TMC. My other receiver is SD and it wasn't having any issues at first, but now it doesn't receive NBC at all.

This is the only channel that isn't working. There has to be some software issue with the olympics and the channel guide.