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I called DirectV because my ancient converter boxes hadn't been working correctly for quite some time. I was told since my old boxes (I had since 1992) were not working properly, I was eligible for new boxes.

I told them I didn't want to do anything that would cause my rate to rise. So don't send me new ones if it will change my rate in ANY way. I was assured it wouldn't since they were not working right (meaning, I wasn't simply wanting new boxes just for the sake of "upgrading".) I got the new boxes and was indeed billed $5 extra monthly for EACH one. When I called and complained that I wasn't told of the charge previously, they said it was a "valid charge".

I told them to come get the boxes then. Suddenly they decided to escalate my complaint. They said I shouldn't have been told something false, and they would look into it. I never heard back from them.

I called them again to check the status. I was again told it's a "valid charge- what are you complaining about??!!!" Literally. I told them the whole story again, and to come pick up the boxes... I would make my old ones work (the parental controls didn't work, and they had other problems, but were semi-functioning.) Again, they decided to re-escalate it.

I guess suddenly my complaint had merit again. I never heard back from them. I called again, and this time spoke to a supervisor "NANCY" and was treated so badly, talked to so rudely, constantly interrupted, and basically called a liar. I asked her, if nothing else..

what about them advertising that the FIRST converter was free? She said "what about it!!?" I said "well, I got 3 boxes and was billed a monthly fee for EACH. Why wasn't at least the first one free?" She said "um... uh...

well that's because you were a prior Primestar customer, so that discount doesn't apply to YOU!" I told her I was tempted to go with DISH. She offered to transfer me to the correct dept to get my service disconnected immediately. Obviously real concerned about keeping an old (since 1992) existing customer happy! She couldn't get rid of me fast enough.

I finally asked for her boss. She said his name was JEROD, but refused his last name or contact number. She said she would have him call me back, but no one ever did. My house is up for sale, so I can't go with DISH yet, due to the contract they require.

If my house sells, I'd have to disconnect before the contract ended. So now I have to wait to see if it sells.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Service Transfer.

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me too!!

i was quoted 34.99 a month but my bill is now up to 70.00.

how can i cancel my service without paying 340. early shut off fee???

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