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Got service installed last week after finally leaving Time Warner. Installer was great, but numerous features weren't working.

I was told they would be up within 24 hours. The features that don't work on my new Genie box are: Apps, ALL DirecTV Everywhere functionality (iPad, iPhone, laptop), and Sunday Ticket Max streaming on mobile devices. I've made 4 phone calls into DirecTV to get these issues fixed, each from anywhere between 1-2 hours long. Yesterday they sent a tech out who was here for almost five hours.

Every time I have directed the "tech support" person to the DirecTV support forums (hosted on their own website mind you). This site is full of 5+ pages of these exact same issues. There is even a post that outlines how to fix these issues, which is backed by many of the people that had the same problems as me. Tech Support continues to tell me what I'm asking isn't possible.

One of the fixes is a new Genie box. It's been proven time and time again to fix all my issues. The support person finally authorized a new box to be installed, but then said she couldn't activate it, and that the ultimate problem was with my router. She then told the tech to unhook the new box mid install, and informed me that changing my IP address on my router would fix the issue.

Guess what, it didn't. It has already been five hours and it was dinner time so I told him to just leave. So here I am, with 10+ hours invested into "tech support" and no resolution. I'm at a loss of what to do now.

I moved to DirecTV for a better viewing experience and better CS. So far I've wasted tons of precious time, and its all been for absolutely nothing.

After I pose here I plan on writing a complaint letter to their HQ, but I'm not holding my breath. If its not fixed soon, I'm calling them and telling them to cancel my account and come pick their stuff up, plain and simple.

Monetary Loss: $1008.

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