This was the worst experience I have ever had with any company in my 63 years. Their policy, in my opinion, includes everything from false advertising, sloppy installation, misinformation, and making unauthorized charges to credit cards, which they justify with the small print in their contract.

Most people we spoke with claimed they were "supervisors", but no one could give us any information to help resolve any problems.

It is as if they all read from scripts and then place you on hold to listen to some Directv advertising -- for hours if you dare to hold that long. Absolutely zero customer service. If there was ever any justification for a class action lawsuit, I feel this is it! It crossed my mind that this crowd is going belly up soon, but that will not happen.

They are too shrewed!

Ditch the Dish!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $871.

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That’s not the only time they do bait & switch. When I upgraded to my HDDVR, I was told I needed a new dish, but that the upgrade was free. The tech came and installed my dish, but they charged me a 49.99 relocation fee, which they said was to move and set up the other existing DVR that I *physically* carried to my bedroom upstairs and that *I* programmed myself. I was the one who pointed the dish and programmed the new DVR. They did credit it to me.

The charge was incurred because after the tech came out and installed the dish, I realized I didn’t have two lines run to my bedroom for the existing DVR. I made a call to Direct TV to have them do this, and thus, was charged. However, the tech who installed my dish said I need to have a wall fish and that it would be $60. I called Direct TV with that information to set up the service call, and the rep said well, it’s only $49, so be it. That charge was added to my bill, and I paid it before the second service call happened.

When the tech came back out (a different tech, a different company this time), I was then told it was $120 because it was two floors and that I needed to pay him. When I explained that I was quoted $60 and that I had already paid Direct TV, he gave me a supervisor line to call. The *** rep tried to tell me that the $52.36 on my recent bill was not for the extra line run charge, but was for pay per views because I had swapped my receiver (sent it back) and kept the card.

The *** rep didn’t even realize I had kept the entire receiver and relocated it myself to the bedroom. She then asked the tech if there was any evidence of new lines ran.

When I asked her how he would have this information, she said there’s a database he can call up to to find out. I asked her if he would have received this information prior to coming to the call, because he was standing right there in front of me using MY landline to speak to her. She told me that no, he could use his cell phone to call another number.

I asked her how that was going to be possible while he was talking to her on my landline and I was right there in front of me.

Basically about 8 hours later of holding, screaming, sighing, and speaking thousands of foreign languages to figure out what the heck happened here, I realized that you don’t call Direct TV to have custom labor, like wiring a second line, done. You have to call their contracted installer, and you are at the mercy and whim of whatever tech comes out and quotes it.

If you don’t like that price, you can refuse service and make another appointment, but be prepared to wait three months and be given several songs and dances about how the hurricane has put everyone’s installation dates off even if you don’t even live anywhere near where the hurricane hit.

I asked if Direct TV thought that this practice was reasonable. If someone calls up a store, is quoted a price, makes the drive out to the store, and talks to a rep while at the store, and is waiting on this piece of equipment in order for something to work, and is the told at the register that it is double the price, I think most people would feel that is predatory business practices, and leave.

When I suggested to Direct TV that I get the quotes in writing first and decide who I want to install my cable, they asked me if I thought it was reasonable to cut them out of the deal, and I retorted, do you think the extra $60 is going into YOUR pocket?

Yes, I think it’s reasonable when I have someone drilling into my siding, stapling into my drywall and doing something not to electrical code that I DO HAVE a choice in whom I pay and WHAT I pay for that service.

I have had Direct TV since 2000, and in the last three years, I have never seen such customer service gaffes from a company. I explicitly went with this company due to the same stick-it-to-ya practices that cable was engaging in….

Now….I’m not sure I’m going to have satellite service again. What *** - if I ran my business as such, I wouldn’t have customers, and I’d be reported to several governmental agencies and sued out the yin yang.

Unfortunately, the only voice with have here is with our dollars and who we decide to give them to.

Try complaining here: if enough of us do it, maybe they’ll listen:

Senior VP Ellen Filipiak

Direct line (310) 964.6508

DirecTV Corporate Offices

2230 E. Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Attention: Office of the President

Chase Carey President & CEO

John Suranyi President Sales & Service

Montgomery, West Virginia, United States #15703

I agree whole heartedly about your assessment of DirectTV. I have also had a terrible experience dealing with them.

I found after the fact that the two year agreement that I entered into did not included maintenance service.

Inother words, when I requested a box to be exchanged because it was defective, I did not know that I was extending my contract for another two years automatically. They don't tell you this detail until after you try to cancel and then they hit you with an "early" termination charge, even though you may already be far beyond the initial agreed upon termination date.

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