I called them to order service for our family vacation home. I asked what special they were running at the time and the agent read them off to me. I chose one that was about $39 per month and free DVR upgrade. I explained at the time I ordered that is is a vacation home and there is no mail service and gave them my credit card billing address and cell phone #. He said it was no problem taht they do that all the time. He explained to me that the first month bill would show on my card at the regular amount and them I would be credited for the difference on the next bill. He said we were all set and the install date was set.

Everything was going fine and I get a bill in January for a December billing that is for two months at the regular price. I decide that I should open a online account and found that one I had used at my home in the past now had all my information. I check and find that another charge was placed on my card on 2/13/09 for the regular price again so I called to find out why.

Welcome to DirecTV ***. I was told that I did not fill out a rebate form. I explained that I wasn't told about a rebate. They transfer me to the rebate department where they tell me "Too bad. It's now past the 60 day rebate window so I will just have to pay the regular price." I explained that no one mentioned a rebate to me and I was told that the form was in my welcome package. I asked where it was mailed and, guess what, it was sent where I told them I get no mail.

The bottom line is that they waited and double billed me,eliminating most of my chance to catch the problem in the rebate window, sent the package where I get no mail then told me that I can either pay the regular $65 price or remove service and pay a $450 early cancellation fee. That's a very professional solution to a problem they created.

From talking to several agents it become clear that they have canned responses for each item in your complaint so I sincerely feel that the "special" program is designed to hook, mislead and cheat customers.

I had them stop the service now I have to begin a fight over the $450 early cancellation charge. They got me good this time but never again !

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