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I've worked as a directv sales rep for a little while now..I can only say it is a nightmare...because the idiots who work for directv, screw over the sales reps. I work for a third party company- everything is fine there--the problem is that, when we get sales, if our customers call directv, the Directv Sales reps will purposely try to get that customer to cancel their sale with us and sign up with them--the shady thieving directv sales reps do this to ANYONE calling just so they can steal sales from other sales reps. Its so messed up...if I sell I have to then make sure that I call everything in for my customers as the *** thieving directv sales reps will end up stealing my sale and resigning up the customer. I even had a recent customer who I sold to and the *** directv sales reps told him to stick with them, gave them a supposed better 'deal' than I did and took my sale--AGAIN...i can't believe this....all they do is when they get a customer on the phone who just got directv, they will try to give them a better deal or make weird excuses or reasons to try to cancel the sale out and resign them...if the customer also tries to modify the order they cancel it out and resign them and steal the not sure how they can do this but this is what they do..!

also the installers at directv- many are shady liars, lazy jerks and will lie to customers and lose the sale for us also. I had customers who said the installer told them one thing and it was a lie but he scared them so bad that they decided not to get the service- many of the installers purposely will seem to try to not do the install or lose the sale--im not sure why but that's what these idiots do! its shocking..they get paid on an install but if they are tired or bored, lazy or have enough money they will purposely lose the install...and lose the sale for us...they are really messed up it seems...I had two customers who had very bad installing issues and one customer who had to call an installer there 4 times or more...and had to keep resigning was ridiculous...another installer promised me an install and then lied to me and later said he didn't want to go out there...he said because it was a certain type of place and most likely he wouldn't be able to do the install- he didnt even care to call the customer or call me...he just didn't go. The customer was already upset and demanded they wanted it that day because of some family thing and I told them it would be fine.

The installer just didn't go and didn't care to inform anyone and then the customer ended up cancelling. The installer was so rude and being such a *** and was making up false assumptions abotu the customer- he even said "oh its the installers say now because they have so many appts they pick and choose where they want to go." I'm thinking..well that's nice at least inform people that you're not going to be there and don't lie to people...but they don't seem to care-- im not sure about how other companies work but directv it seems EVERYTHING with them is a big scam and difficulty and the people that work for them are thieves, liars...lazy and just want to screw people over in some way even screw over the sales reps and the customers those reps send to them....

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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We at WWJD are a company looking for sales reps on a nationwide basis. We pay 85% of our commisons to the reps because we know they are the ones putting in the footwork.

If anyone is looking to sell DirecTv feel free to call us and we will let you know what we pay out.

Reps are making 200-400 per sale. 1-844-222-WWJD


Sn:im not saying upper mngmnt should have been black but mngmnt should be a reflection of the company as a whole


Well man these guys hired me as I was recently laid off from timeshare direct tv first of all I have been in sales a while I have never seen a two hour sales meeting every employee looked like they were scraping by and I'm a black man but when all your employees are minorities and the upper mngmt is not RED LIGHT. The owner said he made six figures but the suit he was wearing was to sizes to small the comission was a draw the draw was 350.00 the base was 8.00 hr the name of the company is awake impulse orlando florida its on career builder I will stick to timeshare


first of all, the third party salesmen have no familiarity with our system. Very basic technical knowledge like "you can't have whole home DVR on a standard definition install." You end up making promises to the customer which we, technicians, can't deliver without modifying the system---which usually results in a rate change and *** the customer off.

Another thing the third party salesmen like to do is tell the customer that the tech can fix things like billing issues or tv mounts. Completely untrue. So I find it hilarious that a third party salesmen, that only interacts with customers and our system at the point of sale, have so much to say about installs, work orders, etc. Because you know what?

Techs have to fix incorrect work orders all the time because you third party geniuses on the phone can't match a customers' requirements with the he right work order. I guess you guys can't handle it if the phone conversation deviates from your script.

If all is techs are such idiots why don't you try our job. Ps you are a ***.


Hi everyone, I'm cisco, and I'm quitting a 7yr career to be a sales rep for direct tv cuz everything made sense to me with this drastic career change. With that being said, can anyone who knows bout the position in the flesh give me some pointers to succeed at this, please??? Thank you.


First off I do installs and sell for one of the top 10 retailers in the nations. You CAN mirror a genie.

You can use an hdmi split or if it is a standard def tv use an rf modulator, you can still program remotes to both tv's. Next, the dishes actually are supposed to have a "non-stick" coating on them. That's why a brand new oval slimline will feel a lot different than a dnet 500. Obviously 90% of sales reps lie, because they SUCK at their job.

The people who put up the real numbers consistently and actually make a good living from it DONT lie. Tell your reps that lie that too, you aren't consistent because you suck at selling, you get more charge backs than you do pay outs. I can go out, I 5 hours of knocking doors get 5-8 sales and not have one charge back.

At my company, that's $1,000-$2,400 in my pocket. It's because I don't lie.


I install for a sales group and salesman are the liars. They tell customers we are completely wireless, we have a northern dish, you can bundle with cable internet, completely free install ( retail we have custom fees), dish has teflon coating and snow will never stick to it( its metal you retards), but some how its always the installers fault.

I would like to have a salesman drive his truck 50 miles to a customer who cancels because saleman said we could do mirror outlets, cant mirror the genie system!!!! Sales staff were I live don't know how the system works at all.

Oh ya so you know you could have 8 clients, only have 3 on at the same time.


Whoa foks. If the salesman did his job in identifying correct equipment for the customer then there wouldn't be any changes.

As for a lazy installer... was probably an hourly dude. Contractors aren't all bad. We work off of commission just like the salesman.

If a job doesn't go we dont get paid. Besides a lot has changed in just 2 short years. At&t Uverse is back dooring our customers once we set them up. Supposed to be our business partner instead they are swindling our tv customers.

Make no mistake work has slowed down but mostly another company talks more ***.

We have the best sports best DVRs and all around channels and.packaging. We are tv Gurus.


I feel your pain man. I worked as a Directv rep, probably for the same third party company as you, in a Best Buy.

The whole thing was a nightmare. Everything you have said is true.

I even had sneaks from Century Link who would try and steal my sales when people would call them about getting internet after signing up with me. And the pay was horrible for the amount of stress and *** you have to put up.


It was opposite for me. I called the number directly from their website and ordered it.

After I did that I get a call from an odd number and an indian guy asking if i wanted to add an authorized user. I said yes and they got my wifes info even her ss# which im a *** for giving it out but i did and i cant change it now. I then get the automated call from DTV verifying my install date for a week later than was originally stated. I call them back and they said what i did was give my info to a retailer and they cancelled my info and set up the new account in my wifes name.

they say it happens all the time???WTF?? why allow that to happen all the time. I searched the number of the indian guy that called me and it was a generic skype number. I still blame DTV for this as they say it happens all the time and they havent implemented any kind of system that doesnt allow full access for retailers to edit or change information without it going through a party that monitors all retailer actions and verifying it with the customer first or at least call or email the customer the pending changes and give them a chance to accept or reject changes.

I dont place all blame on the retailer though. I blame them dtv and myself for being ignorant.


269-6900 .


we as a retailer in Wichita Ks will make sales and we install them ourselves. if there are any changes THEY ARE TO BE DONE BY US , therefor to stop any issues like this from happening.

If it requires us to cancel out the work order and rebuild it then thats what we will do. We also found that if a cx wants to ad a receiver such as a DVR we just activate it as normal, then call right back and add the DVR.

We dont have to call DTV OMG ( modifications for Dtv) We also can let people do sales but we have to mail the customer the equipment ( receivers ) and if you have the dish it works out or we can send them one also. DO NOT LET DIRECTV CANCEL OR MODIFY ANY WORK ORDERS - THIS STOPS 99.9 oercent of lost sales !


I work for a company I will not name and to the tech support for DirecTV. I will say, there are quite a few lazy installers.

I have had many customers call me almost to the point of tears of frustration because a tech wasn't doing his job. Most recently, I had a customer in california who wanted 3 receivers and original tech only ordered 2. The order was corrected, but tech did not install and order corrections were cancelled. Eventually, she gave him the phone and I told him it is his job to install that receiver, even if there isn't an open work order detailing it (techs have a system for modifying and creating work orders while they are on-site to ensure the customers can get what they want).

He persisted in his laziness by telling me he is only authorized for a service call and not an install and that his supervisor authorized it. The only reason he was only authorized for a service call was that he did not bother to create an order for an install. I have had to tell MANY installers to just do their job. DirecTV has great programming and the pricing (albeit a little higher than the competition)...

well, you get what you pay for. They are the only ones with 3d programming and have been working hard in the engineering dept to put out some pretty amazing equipment. The thing that seems to consistently tarnish their name is the lazy installers and liars of sales reps. I have gotten tons of sales just as tech support, and I make sure to tell all of my customers about the monthly billing changes (if any), the agreement extensions (if any) and any costs (shipping, installation, etc.)..

I have no respect for the sales reps that promise to to be a million times better than everyone else. They are a bit better, but again, you get what you pay for (as long as you aren't dealing with the slimy/lazy reps/installers)

ok, I think that's the end of my rant


Your *** most of the independent contractors cant modify the order if its a service call then its a service call you cant chsnge it to a install you dumb *** have you ever worked in the field before


well if you sell dtv in michigan you can call me i own a private retailer we pay 80-100 per deal plus activation fee to the sales rep we dont screw people or lie if the sales rep lies they either dont get paid on the deal and get fired we employ our own technicians none of them are lazy if they ever cancell a job or dont show up they are immidiatly fired. we also sell dish network so the sales rep has an opportunity to make money on both sides of the coin dish sales are 100-140 plus activation 100% of it. and like i said we have great installers and a 98% install rate to date we dont screw anyone and we treat everyone including the customers fairly phone 517-775-7080 -Brad

@Brad Arnold

we pay 190 per sale

@Brad Arnold

I was screwed big time by an authorized dealer named Luis Martinez working out of Orlando, Florida. If I had the time, I would explain the whole story. But in one sentence, Big Slime of a Person to make someone work and not pay them for the time and accounts that were activated.


I ordered DirectTV from a sales Rep that came to my door.She lied to me,told me there was no contract and wrote all the good "socalled" deals down that I did not get in my service and DTV refused to I guess turn-about is fair play.

"the people that work for them are thieves, liars...lazy and just want to screw people" This also goes for the sales Reps.


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also many of the installers...if they dont want to do the job...or dont have the equipment...they just cancel the sale or make an excuse and cancel it, rather than try to get someone else out there. Its absurd...many are lazy and dont want to put a post up or screw something in and just give weird reasons to the customer to cancel or refuse to install it. ive never heard of a company doing this...but with directv it's normal I person I know had to get an installer out there four times- once they were drunk and lied to them, the 2nd time, they made up some lame excuse, 3rd time, same thing a strange excuse and the 4th they still didn't get it right...