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on 5/07/09 directv went into my checking account took $237.00.I was not aware that they could go into anyones account for a balance due.

when I called they could do this,for me to read contract agreement. I was told my balance due was taken and the amount due back to me would be refunded as soon as they received the boxes.

well rude cutomer service agent i spoke to three weeks later said 5 or 6 weeks after the billing cycle well it seems get the bill credit $119.00 no money.7/15/09


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go to your bank and file a dispute with your bank may take some time but if its an umauthorized withdrawal you stand a good chance to get it back i wrote the officials in our state about this and really got no where if more people conplain and do the same it may do some good They are no different then a thief who steals your checks and forges your name but to them you can do nothing.this is why i have no cable in my house and never will

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