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I have been a Directv customer for nearly 10 years. However, after constant rate hikes and horrible customer service experiences, I decided to make a change.

I cancelled my Directv service in December. I was told by them that I would have to send back my leased receivers and that they would be sending boxes and pre-posted labels for me to do so. I received the boxes on Thursday, a full two months after cancelling my service. I was on vacation until Saturday, but planned to return the equipment today.

I was reconciling my bank account on Saturday and noticed a charge from Directv. They had debited my checking account for $750.00, without my knowledge.

I was concerned. So, I called customer service. They informed me that the charge was for the equipment that I had not returned. Apparently, they used the debit card on file that I used every month to pay my bill, to debit my account. I was told that part of my contract agreement allowed them to do so to cover unreturned equipment.

The boxes came on Thursday, but they debited my account on Friday.

I shipped the receivers first thing this morning. When I returned home I called customer service again to inform them that the equipment was on the way and that I would be expecting a complete refund. I was then informed that as soon as they received the shipment the refund would be processed. It would take about 6-8 weeks for me to get a check from them.

So, Directv has my $750, which I did not know they were taking. It took them one day to get the money, but it will take 6-8 weeks for me to get it back.

Is this legal? Has anybody else dealt with this kind of garbage?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Thats my current dilemma. I just received a new bank account and new debit card.

Someway somehow they still had access and made this charge and saved my new card information.

I'm on the phone with them now and they are no help. I have to wait for it to post to my account for me to dispute it.



Checked bank account this morning. They have debited $580.35.

The language in the contract states that if they have a card on file, they can "satisfy" any amount.

It does not state that they are allowed to debit your account automatically.

In the paragraph before, it states that they obtain a third party collection agency to recoup any outstanding balance.

They debited my account for $580.35, and I never gave them permission to use automatic payment.


Dang! That's exactly what happened to me.

They used the credit card I used to make auto payments to charge me an early cancellation fee after I was no longer a customer. I also have Wells Fargo and they didn't let me know either. But my husband called WF and filed a claim to get our money back. However, a Directv employee told me that if I get my money back, my account will go straight to collections.

I wasn't even supposed to be charged a cancellation fee because I don't get line of sight to my new address.

In that case, the fees are supposed to be waived. The employee who cancelled my account totally screwed me over cause he didn't do his job!


They tried the same thing with me, $900 bucks! Luckily my bank Called me and asked me if I gave them permission and I said no so the bank declined the transaction, saved!


What bank do you bank with? Cause I have wellsfargo and they allowed directv to take $904 from my account and didn't notify me of this happening and I think that a bank is suppose to protect your money and not let just anyone take it since I haven't had directv since October 2015


They did the same to me I have to call them as they did not send me the boxes yet my tv turned off on Oct. 2.

A bunch of crooks.

I have not heard anything good about them. I have also occurred overdraft charges which they will not pay let alone refund my money for 6-8 weeks.


They done me the same way they are *** crooks they charged me over $600 I had server overdraft charges I am so pissed I think they should get the *** sued out of them whoever owns DIRECTV should go to prison for the rest of their lives and anybody that works for them


Make a report to the State Attorney General to have them look into the case , the more people who report them the more evidence they have to take action and also use it to make them hold up to fair terms and agreements that should benefit everyone equally not just them. File a report to your State Attorney General, if you dont know how, the internet is your friend, look it up.


Yes I am dealing with them now! I placed an order on fri they debit my card but after I searched else where for cable service I can them to cancellation on my order I ask for my refund directv said 3-5 bus day I and here it is Thursday still no refunds! But I'm thinking of doing a small claims court on them!


SAME HERE $256. Years ago 1995 company I worked for drafted accounts without notice even though they had a clauses that were customer signed okays to draft any amount my company decided was outstanding.

They were closed down by the FBI. Now the FBI backs directv and all other newly uncustomarily gotcha fees because you opt in/out to mediation and paper bills etc. You basically sign your consumer rights away these days. My advice: Go back to paying with checks.The hassle is worth the amazing security you'll have and you get to gouge the service company because it costs MUCH more to process a piece of paper and practically nothing to use paperless billing -of which they will charge you convenience/epay/lazyass fees of thousands percent interest for the privilege of paying online that costs them nothing.

NO MORE SHOULD CONSUMERS EXPECT SERVICE etc COMPANIES TO LIMIT CONTRACTS TO CUSTOMARY CHARGES. YOU SHOULD READ EVERY STINKING LINE OF ALL CONTRACTS NOW BECAUSE WE HAVE REENTERED THE PAST AND NOW FUTURISTICALLY HORRIFYING WORLD OF "LET THE (E-) BUYER BEWARE". The FTC is now a dismally complete failure run practically by corporations. ALL wireless, smartphone, cable, satellite, power, data, utilities, etc companies are moving to lucrative gotcha contracts with power to withdraw any amount they rightly or wrongly want at any time.

GO BACK TO READING EVERYTHING BEFORE you sign (or better refuse to sign) AND PAY WITH CHECKS, CHECKS, CHECKS!! It won't be long until this money grab fad fades..(amazing how much gotchas increased since we have with the internet!!)

@Steve the Rocket Scientist

What if it was all online without a signed contract?


Did you expect anything more from them? I mean look at the billing rep responses to an upset customer.

I just had issues with them too, they take out the entire lump sum, not caring that they may of just taken food from someone's children.

They are the worst provider out there. I will NEVER use them again, I have DISH TV and they take their customers serious and have been amazing.


Same problem with this company. I canceled after being overcharged on a monthly basis and was tired of dealing with it.

Every month they would find new charges I some how owed and even though I was towed several times by customer service that I didn't owe the charges, they wanted it. So, I canceled my account at the same time I was moving. The box showed up at my new house without me changing it with DirecTV, still don't know how that happened but thankful it did so I could return the equipment. A week or so later they charged my account for nearly $400 and claim it was for equipment I never returned.

Got my bank on the phone, no help, got DirecTV on the phone and they confirmed they DID receive the equipment and told me I had to mail them a letter (yes, actual old timey mail) to a certain department and explain the situation and that within 7 days I would have an answer on getting my money returned. Three weeks later and I still don't have my money returned, nor an answer on whether or not they are going to return it. I am done with the bank that allows unauthorized transactions and will never use DirecTV again either. Good luck to all the others this multi-million dollar company has screwed over.

Like I told the lady on the phone, guess they needed my money more than I did. Hope it buys some CEO a shiny new Mercedes.


Well here's my story! I cancelled with Direct Tv, and I also cancelled my debit card that they had on file.

Today I looked at my account and noticed they took out $424!! HOW IN THE ***! They some how got my new debit card number that I HAVE NEVER GIVEN THEM! They are the reason I cancelled my old one and got a new one!

I have been back and forth on the phone with my bank and direct tv! My bank says there is no way they could have gotten my new card number from them. That they cannot give out third party info like that! Direct TV says they don't understand how it happened either and that there is no way they can get my new card number with out me doing it!

Well I didnt, and they have it. IF any one has had this same issue PLEASE explain! They are COMMITTING major fraud!!! It has now been sent to the fraud department, so they say.

My bank tells me to close my bank account and cancel my cards and reopen a new one. *** crazy!!!



I was told years ago (1999) by Visa that if a company has authorization from you to debit your card and you get a new card, the company can debit your new card with the previous authorization providing the cards are linked to the same account. Basically, you would have to shut down the account linked to the account. My advice, use a prepaid card for automatic debits.


It seems directv has a long history of gouging it's customers. My story is no different.

Yep you guessed it, since they already have my checking acct info they must feel it's within their legal parameters to take what they want, when they want... Thats just not right, Infact it's criminal. If I did once what they routinely do I would be writing this from a federal prison. I gave up on them after my one year contract expired and rates went threw the roof, who wouldn't.

Later the claimed my contract was set for two years and I owe a early cancellation fee, but that simply wasn't true, and if it was why the extreme price increase. Just like a lease agreement once your contract is set, so is the monthly bill. The bottom line is essentially the bottom dollar, my dollar. Directv drained my bank acct.

illegally causing an avalanche of financial problems that go beyond their silly fees. However the task of contacting "the powers that be," individuals that can rectify these wrongs have been quite daunting. I'm sick of jumping threw their hoops to get reimbursed from these corporate theives. Can anyone offer any info about how I can go about this matter, I am very frustrated, but would be pleased to see directv pay for their crimes.

Thank you for reading this.... And merry Xmas....

@Directv ruined my Xmas

You're clearly that rates are 1 year and there is 2 year contract you should take the personal responsibility and read what you are agreeing to when you sign,you also gave them permission to withdraw all money owed when you cancel nothing was stolen here just customer irresponsibly

@billing rep

Fair enough...your right, I actually do take responsibility for all of my current contracts and things with directv would have been different had they held up their end... You're obviously on board with corporate America, with no regard of anyone's plight unless it suits you.

But how can you pass judgement on anything without knowing all the facts from both sides.

Your comment is thoughtless and ignorant, and if your a billing representative than I really do expect to hear more foul rederick...

@Directv ruined my Xmas

Ok, if name calling suit you that's fine I must be a redneck because I live up to agreements (don't expect Jeff foxworthy to be using that anytime but here are some tips you can try call up and say " you not doing this because I signed an agreement, your doing this because I'm black therefore an Obama supporter and corp america hates that black man",you can try the I'm poor and no Xmas presents wait you did try the blame whitey that always gives a good laugh p.s. are you black you post is the perfect stereotype

@Directv ruined my Xmas

Directv rep better be lying about his/her affiliation or he/she is going to be on the unemployment line very soon for the racist comments posted here.