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I have been with DIRECTV for one year. This month they took 350.41 out of my bank account.

299.94 of it was for the NFL season ticket that I did not request nor authorize them to take out. As a new customer I know that I got it for free last year and that I needed to cancel to avoid any future charges. I did this. In January I called and cancelled.

They have it documented. After many phone calls and speaking with several different people, all Directv will do is give me a credit on my account. As a single mother of two I spent the last 3 days crying and screaming. Directv has ruined my life.

The money that they took out of my bank was all I had. That money was to be used for Rent, food, electric bill and car insurance. Now I have no money to pay any of them. The ones that I did pay have bounced and I have been collecting overdraft fees.

Includin the 299.94 that direct tv took and overdraft fees I am now a -501.77. How am I going to pay my rent. Because I have no money to pay my power, I have a 48 hour disconnect notice. I have no one to just give me money and say oh well.

I dont need a 299.94 credit on my bill. I need my money back so I can take care of my children. I have contacted the BBB, and have wrote complaints about this on many different websites. I cancelled my debit card so they cant charge any more on it.

I have contacted my bank and disputed this with them as well. As of now I am still waiting for some corporate *** to decide what they are going to do with my money.

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I am terribly sorry for the situation you are in. I would go to your bank to file a dispute for the unauthorized charge on your account.

It may take a while but the money may be returned. Be sure to bring proof for back up, like that documented call you made to cancel the subscription on the Season Tickets.

Also ask your bank if the can waive any of the over draft fees that direct Tv have caused you due to the unauthorized charge. Hope all goes well.

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