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Directv lies to get you to sign up with them, refuses to give you any type of customer service, doubles your bill, then charges you a disconnect fee! They are in cahoots with the credit card companies who refuse to remove unauthorized charges and continue to allow them to take monies out of your account even after you've terminated your service.

They use the "bait and switch" tactic and I was even told directly by Whitney in their "customer service" that they will charge you "normal prices of whatever they choose" after your initial price contract is up, but you are still liable for paying whatever price they want until your full 24 month contract is up, even when I changed the contract to 12 months PRIOR to signing!

She said "don't waste your money on a lawyer", which I responded with, why not, I wasted my money with you!

I beg of everyone reading this, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH DIRECTV! You will be sorry and will never get any satisfaction, any service and will never your money back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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They wont waist money on attorney fees too collect $400 bucks, just dont pay them if you dont like them. that what i'm doing just cancell the card you used and have another issued.


Don't pay them nothing. Period.


Google \"DirecTV and class action\" and you will see numerous legal actions in several state courts related to this issue. DTV is in for some big trouble for their cancellation fees and unapproved charges.


omg....this is sooo true, they did the same thing to me...


my experienced from Direct TV is the same. SAYS NO TO DIRECT TV!