Altura, Minnesota

We have had directv for nearly 10 years. This year decided to upgrade to DVR so I ordered a DVR receiver.

No big deal right? Hahaha...well after 3 days I received my order. My incorrect order. I was sent a HD DVR in stead of a DVR.

But after talking to customer service they assured me everything would be ok. So they activated the HD DVR. Well as our satellite is 10 years old it was not HD compatible so now i'm using a receiver that only gets maybe 35% of the channels I pay for. So whats is their fix?

Send out a technician to install a new week I might add...ok but i dont pay for HD????. Oh well I will need to now!! So they want to tack on $10/month for HD that i didnt want in the first place. Cancel my order, my service???

HA!! Well I can for a $480 cancellation fee. Seems that if you upgrade a receiver you unknowingly also agree to a new 2 year commitment!!! Oh my God!!

Quite possibly the worst customer service I've ever dealt with, anywhere.

No wonder they're #2 behind dish network. I'll be cancelling my service in 2 years and switching to dish network.

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you could have gone through the menu to hide the hd still can.If the work order was wrong,then shame on you for allowing the tech to continue to set up something you didnt want.


I know DTV is absolutely the worst! but Dish has gotten a lot of complaints lately concerning the same issues as DTV! Seems Dish is taking lessons from DTV and using them to rip off their customers in the same manner as DTV.

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