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I request my service of Directv by Century Link, When I spoke with the sales representative, the lady offered to me a good package, but without a good description, the day of the installation when the technician activated the system guess what, almost all the channels are in Spanish and from down Latin America, Immediately I told the technician that's not the package i request, he called the headquarters and for change the error made by the salesmen i have to pay instead of $41.99, $69.99 for the right package because the initial installation was made already, I've been struggling with this for weeks cause I paid already for a service that I even can't watch, and no one in Directv want to help me oohhh and then when i said cancel the service i don't want it, they respond well you have to pay $20 per month for the remaining months of the contract as a violation. Nice Ahhh!!!!!!!!

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I bundeled my derect tv with at&t was told I would get $20 off per month by doing this, I haven't got the $20 off, called and complained, was told my address were not the same, direct tv needs a physical address AT&T need a mailing address I have PO Box I changed the address on their webpage but it would not allow me,kept changing back, I called and explained Now there telling me there is no bundeling promotion, my contract states I have bundeling, they owe me $ 280, I've been fighting this for 14 months at the end of their contract they will owe me $480, I then will take them to small claims court.


Dish Network is 10 billion times better than direct tv, hands down

No wonder direct tv had to sell out to AT&T!!


The worst company I have encountered ever, and I am 62 years old. Do not touch them with the barge pole, let alone subscribe to any of their services. They are crooks!


How about the 90 day?


Dish is much better!


I didn't read all the fine print and my NFL sunday ticket was automatically renewed. As soon as I realized it I called to cancel.

I was told I couldn't cancel it and I had to pay the remaining installments. Couldn't cancel????? I let some bad words fly and they connected me to someone else that did exactly as I wanted,, even gave me a discount for a year. Sucks I had to resort to foul language.

I guess they were just hoping I would give in to their ludicrous policy.


Mm read your bill the reminder is sent out before the charges even start and if you have an email on file it also emailed out before billed it is also posted on your on line account.... Would also would have been billed 2 to 3 times before the season started which.

Means you could have still canceled before the season started in September but I guess you did not see the either. ....


They double dipped my account and promised a refund, but it would take 7-10 days. Oh well, guess what?

After ten days they informed me that the "process" had gone into the next billing period, and as I owed them a new bill, they could not refund but gave me a credit THE CREDIT WASN'T EVEN FOR THE AMOUNT THEY OWED ME. The overpay was for 113.00 and they credited my account to the tune of $50 or so. After much protest, I ended up with a $20 credit and some free Showtime (for four months!), which did nothing to help with the $80 in overdraft fees they caused with the fake refund promises. I can't even afford their service.

I do it because it's the only luxury my family has. Can you imagine waking up every morning to check your bank, expecting the refund to arrive to save the day only to see that you've bounced another check? Now, imagine going through this delightful ritual for 10 days or so, all the while being told to expect a refund. As soon as the new internet boxes like Amazon Fire and Apple TV pick up enough steam to give me the channels I want, they are gone.

And so, probably, is their whole dishonest, overpriced, obsolete industry. I mean really, more than half the channels on their so-called line-up are just garbage and filler.


Directv SUCKS. If someone in my zip code pees outside my service goes out. Only months away from telling Directv to go eef themselves.


Shame on you and a shoddy businesYu lock people into a contra t in you're favor of course. A simple rain stops the signal.

You are more hassle than you are worth. Enjoy bankruptcIm sure others will dump yourr *** service


Direct TV sucks. I got it for speed channel and others they cancelled.

No drop in price.

Contracts up. *** me !!!!!!!!!!


They are the worst ever.3 hours to try and fix my bill. Then they shut off my tv.

Dumb I will be lookin for another Company.cox or dish.

never late in 8 years......Joey was rude 300085173. Devin his supervisor no help.


I have had DirectV for seven years and the prices keeps going up and I keep dropping services to continue using what is installed in my house. About a year ago one of my reorders stopped working; it was one that I had purchased and was also paying an report charge for each month.

I was sent another rebuilt recorder and told to throw away the old recorder; I did. One month later I received a bill for $400.00 for the replacement recorder. When I talked to the DirectV representative about it she told me that she saw in my records that I was told to throw it away but she did not have the authority to remove it from my bill. Last year in October another recorder stopped working.

I was again told to throw it away (three times I asked). I didn't throw it away. I received a new recorder and then a bill for $400 and a higher monthly fee for an additional recorder. I called and was told by the representative that I had to go to each recorder and give him the serial numbers of each of the recorder installed in my house but as I was at work and told that I couldn't do that.

My bill just increased this month and when I call to inquire about closing the account I was told that I had renewed my two year contract in October when I received the replacement receiver for the broken receiver and that it would cost me $400 to get out of my contract. I HAD NOT RENEWED MY CONTRACT!!!! I called back and requested a box to return the receiver and informed DirectV that I was going to report this transaction to my states attorney general she told me that the contract was not valid and that I could close the account anytime that I wanted to. I'm looking for another TV service.

I've had it with poor customer service from DirectV. One representative asked how to spell my first name, and she had my account number.


I lost my job of 8 years in a big layoff and had to switch to a cable bundle to get better broad band (I had a phone company bundle with landline, lousy intermittent DSL and DirecTv) so I could work from home as a freelancer. The DSL was just too undependable, but I had to change the whole thing to get cable broadband.

I had been on that bundle for more than six years, including the DirecTv, but they said I hadn't fulfilled my contract because a year earlier I had said "yes" to one of their sales calls pitching an upgrade to HD.

So, even after six years of service they said I was a new subscriber and had to pay them more than $300 to get out of my contract with the or they'd ruin my credit rating. They'll do the same thing to you if you lose your job, move to a place where a dish isn't allowed (some home owners associations, HOAs, don't allow dishes, as do many apartment buildings), move to a place with cable included (some apartment complexes), or die (they'll go after your family.) Screw 'em and save yourself some trouble.


You need to read your contract all the stations you get are listed on the website. Its the sales person that lied ..

also the reason we don't give our last names to prevent crazy people from locating us and threating us. If its not documented in our system there is nothing we can do.

Dish lies just as much


Really!! I was promised all kinds of things by the salesperson.

She asked what we watched, I told her and stated we have to have the outdoor channel. She said its in my package!! It's not. I was told so much *** I don't have energy to type that much!!!!

I was doing the bundle thing with att DSL. She asked what we used internet for, I told her to watch movies, listen to pandora, basically for everything. She said I would be able to!!! I'm not!!

Att graciously cancelled DSL because I was not given what I was promised. Direct tv said "I'm so sorry you didn't get what you were promised, but we can't help! So now I am stuck with direct tv that I don't get hardly any of the channels I was promised, a bill that is WAY higher than I was told it would be, and no internet!!!! I think it is time to call the better business bureau.

If salesmen like you probably are would just tell the TRUTH there wouldn't be any need for you to not give your name!!!!!! That is just a chicken sh•#• way out for you!!!!!


A very poor answer so you admit your just as bad as dish.


lying dishonest bastards. Had them in 2 homes.

lying cheating deceptive thieves. Cancelled both, got Dish.

Stop doing business with them. Lying cheating bastards.


Directv begged me to come back after I canceled my 2 yr agreement. They were the nicest people in the world when they wanted my business. They offered a deal I was happy with, so accepted. Then the bill came and it was way more than I accepted.

Since I disputed it they have called me a liar, are always rude to me when I call, even though I try to be civil with them. They make promises and then connect you to someone else that won't help you and denies they can do what the other rep said. They promise someone will call you back about your dispute, yet they never do.

Think about this when you consider directv service: You can only call an 800 number and you talk to a foreigner that can hardly speak English. His name is "Mike" [rolling eyes]. He will promise you the world, yet has no last name and no direct phone number. He is one of thousands of reps who can promise you whatever you want to hear, but the next person you talk to will refuse to give you what "Mike" (from Pakistan) promised you.

Also, you think you have rights? Think again. Read the agreement. You can only take your case to arbitration and you have to pay the fee.

My advice is if you are an existing customer and want a new 2yr agreement with them, wait till they offer you the new customer agreement ($29.99/mo for first year etc deal)like you got the first time. Mark my words..they will keep making offers to you by email after you cancel. Over and over and over again. Just make sure you get an offer that is understandable and in writing before hand. They prefer to do it over the phone then *** afterwards.

I totally regret having to spend my evenings on the telephone, on hold with these people who could care less.


Ok I would for directv through a 3rd party .. Fact it maybe in the contract but the sales people LIE to the customer .. Fact -- directv has the worse CS (at least in the top 10) or close to it off all companies in the US. (Comcast is in the top ten also)

Directv is the only provider that charges you when there equipment breaks unless you have the Protection Plan.. They treat there agents like we are robots .. we cant do anything on our own we have to pull 'scripts' if we don't we get in trouble .. they give us tons of things to do on the call .. we cant issue credits that should be cause we have stats and have to keep within the credit goals.. your without service for weeks we don't offer credit .. I went one cent over last month I get a 5 min lecture by my sup to be careful with issueing creidts. Directv and there partners don't care about anything but the bottom line . how much money they can get from the customer ...

Fact Directv is the only company that can currently has the NFL Sunday Ticket.. that's the only reason they have so many customers. .. Once the contract exclusive contract with NFL ST goes .. watch how many customers go.. The picture quality of Directv is worse than cable.. the list of negatives go one .

Remember its not just TV its Directv ..