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Directv sucks!

You can't watch on demand shows from any TV without recording the show on the DVR first!

On demand show are downloaded via your internet connection forcing you to upgrade your bandwidth!

If you have the average WIFI router in your home you'll have to buy one that pushed out more bandwidth or no other devices can is the WIFI.

Directv has the worst customer service I've even encountered!

On 14 September 2012 we had Directv installed in our home. We are big on demand fans as we enjoy watching TV on our schedule not the networks. When directv was installed they did not install the Home Cinema Kit which lets you access on demand shows. We called Directv and they sent us the kit but to the wrong address twice, taking over a week in a half for one to actually get to us. I hooked it up and we could now get on demand shows but only on the DVR not the other 3 Directv boxes. I called Directv for the 10th about this issue and was informed for the first time that only the DVR would allow us to watch on demand shows. But if we wanted we could download the show via the DVR and then watch it on any other TV. We were sold this system under the impression that it would work just like cable, which it doesn't! To resolve this Directv will send us another DVR for $280 or disconnect for a huge fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Lonney H

I signed up for Direct TV 4 years ago and was told that they would have HD locals with in a few months well if I call them out on it the keep saying the that it is coming. What a crock don't sign up if you want HD locals in the Lansing,Mi. area.

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