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I have had nothing but one problem after another since ATT bought them. Their bills are unpredictable. Need to leave auto-pay to get a hold of what they are doing to my services and billing which is now up to a whopping $150 per month.

Then, there's the lack of proper tech support. They love to refer you to the FAQs which I have been through over and over. I have reset my receiver more times than I can count.

Then, there's the scheduling of service calls - today, I am awaiting a technician. I can't alter the time without the call being pushed out to AUGUST FIRST -- this would make it SIX WEEKS since I have been able to access common channels like TNT, AMC, Travel, Velocity, Ovation and so many more that I cannot list them. Below are just a sampling of the lack of signal message that I am getting on so many channels that I lack for any decent form of entertainment.

Billing - I never know what it will be. I am turning AUTO-pay off to prevent DIRECTV from jacking around with my services and bill. DIRECTV is the WORST in the industry.

I would love to be able to be happy with DIRECTV again, but with ATT's acquisition, the quality of service, technical support and customer service have all decreased. I will continue to spread the word on how bad it has gotten.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had a receiver go bad and once I got the support person in India to stop asking me what error message I was seeing (none, since it wouldn't even power on) I finally got them to send me a replacement receiver. When the receiver arrived, I plugged it in and called to have it activated.

They activate the receiver, but deactivated one of my other working receivers. Another hour on the phone and they reactivated the other working receiver, but later that day it deactivated again, AND I got two emails from ATT. The first informed me a technician would be here on Nov 8, which I did not ask for or arrange. The second email informed me that I now had a new agreement that would come with a penalty if I cancelled early.

The replacement of a broken receiver is not supposed to affect the 12 or 24 month subscription. My other receiver remains deactivated and I don't have another hour to have ATT further screw up my service.

I use to love Directv. Now I HATE ATT.


Worse customer service, still playing games with discounts coming on and off your bill.


Same here. Nothing but trouble since they took over.

Trying to call today and get a busy signal and the chat is busy.

Can you believe that. Absolutely sucks!


Since att took over all customer support is about gone. Good luck talking to anyone in America, it’s not going to happen.

I’m switching to Dish starting TODAY. Att is really the worst of the worst.

I read where they lost over 400,000 customers last quarter. It’s easy to see why.


I talked to15 yes 15 people. Couldnt solve my problem..Couldn’t understand them.

Hope that the outsourcing savings was worth losing customers. Stupid move att.


I agree, since AT & T took over it freezes all the time or either I have to reset it, its bad


Direct tv sucked before AT&T and it sucks after AT&T. The issue is not with the service, you give this company 20-50 a month for the service and they advertise on you're air time.

So basically you're paying to watch commercials.......that's kinda stupid. The fix for all of you're direct/dish/cable issues is to cancel it.

50 bucks a month is way too much for commercials, bad reality tv, mind numbing sitcoms and way too many QVC channels selling nothing but second hand garbage. Save the money for a rainy day


I spoke with the most frustrating representative of the “office of the President” yesterday. Long story short and I have read these posts and it seems to be standard practice for Directtv to promise something and not follow through.

I should know I’ve been a loyal client for over 20 years. They had been overcharging me for two receivers for many years. I called to get my bill down. They offered me $57/month for a year.

Removing HBO ONLY and the two receivers they had been overcharging me for. I get one bill for $57, the rest are $87 etc. I call. We will crest you $330 fro your account to make up for the difference.

Bc The has also removed ESPN. I would have never agreed to remove ESPN with 3 sports loving fans only house. They credit me $110. I call back.

The rest will be credited in a few days. It never comes. I spoke with Loni explained all of this and she says we aren’t giving you anymore money. I said fine even though it was promised just give me the $57 for a year your promised.

Oh sorry I can’t. We’ve done everything we can do. I said pull the phone calls and see what was promised to me. Oh I’m sorry we can’t.

I bet if I owed them money they could pull the phone records. She was terse and rude and completely unhelpful. She claimed she had called and called me I never returned her calls.

I have all of my call logs showing that she would call and I would immediate help return her call and leave a message. Bottom line they don’t care about doing what they say they will do and they are STEALING from their clients.


Yep- direct tv owner for 15+ years. Have 2 wireless boxes that won’t show all the recordings, constantly freeze and have about a 10 sec lag time per click.

They came out and replaced it saying it would fix it. It didn’t so service came out again said new boxes won’t fix it but another upgrade to Software that comes out soon will. Well software upgrade Came, has stupid blue line on screen and still canmfind Recordings on one but not the other.

Father has same issues and we have been going through this for a year now. Our contracts up next month and I’m dropping them FOREVER!!!


Have been DTV customer almost 20 years! It was a sad day when monopoly giant ATT bought DTV.

I hope another choice will be available soon! This is capitalism at its finest, mind you this country was built in a capitalistic manner. These acquisitions of huge corporations gives them the control to squeeze every last penny out of the customer.!

Have spoken to other customers, feelings are mutual. ATT sucks!


Yes - Directv has gone down hill fast and they now have decided to have their stupid logo plastered into the middle of my movie screen. You can't make this stuff up. $200 bucks a month for a really weakened and now poor service.


Same issues as well. Try calling the support line and they can barely speak English!

I think having people answering their phones that can barely speak English is a part of their business strategy. If we make it hard for the consumer to understand they will go away!

We paid 8.99 a month in case we needed a technician to come out. We needed one and guess what they charged us for the visit and we can't get through to fix the bill because their computers are always down and the woman can't speak English!


As soon as AT&T became affiliated with Direct tv It started going downhill. I remember when I first heard of the merger I knew it would be going downhill & I was right.

First thing to go was You Tube. I enjoyed having a drink in the evening watching my favorite singer perform. That was the first thing to go. Then the game show network.

Then the oxygen channel.

Those morons who work there tried to make me think it was me. Not much we can do about it unless the government forces them to choose between Direct tv & Time Warner.


The new guide is confusing. They removed the option to have caller ID show on the TV screen. And the price went up.


Another departure after the Worldcup. In my case the picture is ok, it is the price.

Before ATT directv was resonable in the first year, sucked in the second, and when out of contract, you could get some bill discounts that made in between the two.

Now, that part is gone. I love soccer, so I stick with then until after the Worldcup and then bye bye, hello Antenna and streaming.

to P155ed 0FF #1527303

Ask for the retention Dept RETENTION DEPT. they will help you.

They will want to " Retain" your service and will find a deal I said I need my bill under 100 & they made it happen Gave me 50 credit for Year..

Retention Dept. Don't talk to cust Serv

to TruthCannon #1528417

Thanks. I will call and ask for the retention dept.

to Snellrose2 #1583414

Good luck. Ha ha.

Do you speak Tagalog?

That might help. NOT


They sure don't respect contracts since at&t. Signed two year contract price of $98 and my bill is now $130.

When I tell them I want to discontinue, they have gall to want to charge me contract breaking fee.

Been customer since 2008. About to go to cable.


I whole heartedly agree, since at&t bought directv, our bill, my parents and neighbors have increased in cost exponentially. We used to call customer retention and they were always so helpful.

.. not anymore, all they were willing to do was give free hbo... we don't want hbo or we would have already had it! our bill went from $90 a month to almost $180 a month.

.. we canceled today and will NEVER be back. Try sling tv or ps vue and even a roku or amazon fire with netflix and maybe hulu... WAYYYY cheaper and gives you everything you need.

At&t will quickly be running themselves out of business. There are too many other options to pay for a service that does not care one way or the other about their customers! Also, since at&t took over, their customer service is lacking and leaves their customers feeling cheated and unheard. After my research on alternative selections I've informed everyone i could think of that has directv, and so far, my bad experience and knowledge of other options will soon be costing them about 5 loyal customers.


and the list will keep going, I will inform everyone of how much money and what a headache they will save! :-)

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