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I have had nothing but one problem after another since ATT bought them. Their bills are unpredictable. Need to leave auto-pay to get a hold of what they are doing to my services and billing which is now up to a whopping $150 per month.

Then, there's the lack of proper tech support. They love to refer you to the FAQs which I have been through over and over. I have reset my receiver more times than I can count.

Then, there's the scheduling of service calls - today, I am awaiting a technician. I can't alter the time without the call being pushed out to AUGUST FIRST -- this would make it SIX WEEKS since I have been able to access common channels like TNT, AMC, Travel, Velocity, Ovation and so many more that I cannot list them. Below are just a sampling of the lack of signal message that I am getting on so many channels that I lack for any decent form of entertainment.

Billing - I never know what it will be. I am turning AUTO-pay off to prevent DIRECTV from jacking around with my services and bill. DIRECTV is the WORST in the industry.

I would love to be able to be happy with DIRECTV again, but with ATT's acquisition, the quality of service, technical support and customer service have all decreased. I will continue to spread the word on how bad it has gotten.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Was a DirecTV customer since 2003. Used to love it.

Ever since AT&T took over nothing but troubles. Bill went up more than $100 in two months. Cancelled account. Made the mistake of speaking with "win-back" got sold a pack of lies.

Cancelled service again the same day I re-signed with them. Now they took $385 out of my checking account charging me for the "free" Sunday Ticket. After 4 calls finally had a supervisor say they will refund my money---IN 30 DAYS!!!!!!

Changed to Hulu + Live and get better service for 1/3 the money!!! DirecTV can kiss my *SS!!!!!


Been there since 2005 and now leaving. Trying to settle my last bill with Customer Service and over an hour later, maybe reached someone in the states who can actually correct it.

Fingers crossed!

Small wonder I'm leaving there. AT&T blew up a perfectly good company!


Streaming so {{Redacted}} ..if I try to go forward it freezes and won’t play anything at all. Then if it DOES start, no sound..meanwhile, prices continue to rise. *** att


Have been with DTV since 92 and att has totally messed up the whole customer service and billing. Hate to go to dish but seriously considering


Couldn’t agree more!!!


Directv is the worst!


Dropped my receivers off at the UPS store today. So glad I'm done!

16 years with DirecTV and I'm done paying $135 per month for noting!

no movie channels! I hope the company folds.


After 2 years, bill about doubled as introductory offers expired. Lowest cost Selected package is a joke.

Get anything at all and expect to pay > $150/month. Good luck figuring real package cost after 2 years service.

Too bad I have no options living in a rural area or I'd be gone. Already had changed from Dish due to poor reception.


I've called 4 TIMES! in 3 months about our ON DEMAND not working...

I've gotten a different run-around each time.. resetting this button, turning this button off blah blah blah. Sometimes I can understand the person on the phone other times it's guesswork. I hate this company sooo much my wife is the one who switched over.

WE STIILL PAY FOR ON DEMAND BUT IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! If I call today I'll get some ignoramus who says they are "sorry" over and over... and guess what? I'll still get the same "SORRY!

we have no programs at this time that match the filter you selected" when I click on on Demand!!?! Direct TV S**$s!


AT&T ruined DTV, which was awesome before... AT&T has always been a power mongering monopoly!


You are 100 per cent correct. Have been customer 4 17 years.


I just left after being with DTV since 2005. I'm trying Hulu live TV and so far LOVE it!

Try the 30 days free and you'll never go back to DTV again. Absolutely agree about AT&T ruining it.


I too am a pissed off DirecTV customer who's been up sold and promised everything but nothing ever happens. I found a new cheaper alternative to DirecTV. It's also a satellite service that is new and it is called Orby TV no credit checks no costly monthly bills no contracts.


Right you are! Live in the Pacific NW......am a big Seattle Seahawks fan......DirecTV has been in a contract dispute with FOX 28 in Spokane for SIX MONTHS!

No women’s World Cup.......no other Fox Sports.....no Seahawks preseason games.....and now probably will miss regular season games.

AT&T screwed up this satellite TV service BIG TIME!!!!! Time to switch to DISH!


Why can’t I watch MONDAY night football?


Getting rid of all AT&T services. It had now been over 1 1/2 months since I lost NBC programming since AT&T and Nexstar have been in negotiaions.

I'm pretty much fed up with the greed of all media services - but will try streaming TV to see how that goes. For now it is way less expensive than Directv for similar programming.


Direct TV is pure ***


I’ve been with Direct for twelve years. Before AT&T took over the customer service was excellent.

Now I call and it’s usually done fast talking Asian ( no offense ) of whom I can barely communicate with.

It is not pleasant .. so Hello Soectrum!


Customer service since ATT bought them is horrible! Use to be one of the best, now it’s one of the worst!!!


Using att directtv website to access a claim is an exercise in futility. It's impossible to use!!!!!Type your message here