Columbia, Maryland
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I called Directv and asked if they offered a French-language channel. They said yes.

I said that I needed it as I would be moving overseas. I then paid for monthly service, but never received the French-language channel. I called month after month requesting my promised French-language channel and they said that it was coming my way. After 19 months and no French-language channel, I decided to terminate service.

When terminating, they admitted that it was not profitable to provide a French-language channel in my area--after 19 months of paying on-time each month. They said that I would have to pay a penalty fee if I terminated service under 24 months . I asked what for? They said that I had a 2-yr contract.

I said no, I never signed up for 2-yr contract because I told them that I was moving overseas. I terminated the SERVICE. They proceeded to charge me $425.00 through a collection agency. I sent them the modem and they continued to charge me the alleged penalty fee plus the modem fee when I already returned the modem to the company.

My options to end this insanity are to sue the company in small claims court or simply not pay. You have your rights as a citizen and a customer.

Do not let this dishonest company take advantage of you!

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Typical Direct TV service..Promise everything, deliver just a tad better than Comcast and then nickel and dime you for the rest...

I signed up with DTV 7 years ago, was great first 2 years under their contract... Now everything has a fee...

Want an upgrade?? Not a problem, just agree to another 2 year commitment..

Did they promise you a lifelong HD?? Are you paying for it now??

Direct TV, you are just following in the steps of your mentor, Comcast/Xfinity...

JL Fullen

Shirley, MA