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I'm just like everyone here who have placed a complaint about DIRECTV. I've experience very poor customer. My husband and I recently placed an order for DIRECTV service on June 28, 2009, due to a friend referring us. We got the deal package that they were offering for $39.00 for 12 months, w/HBO, STARZ, and ENCORE for 3 months free and a $21.00 rebate (which would be $21.00 off my bill for the next 12 months). So this should total a credit of $31.00 off my bill each month, so I thought.

Well here comes the first problem, we wasn't told at the time we placed the order that we need to give the account number or to call a different number to place the order for the Refer A Friend credit of $100.oo (which will be $10.00 off my bill for the next 10 months). The young lady at the time continued to take our order after asking us how did we hear about the service and we told her that a friend referred us, she never mentioned that credit or the that we needed to call another number.

Well come to find out after the service guy hooked up our account on the June 30th, I noticed that on the tv guide that they give out to you, that you're supposed to give the account number of the friend that referred you in order to recieve the credit. So I asked the service guy about the Refer A Friend credit and he stated to call the customer service center center.

I called the customer service center to give my friend account number in order to recieve my $100.00 credit and was told that I wasn't eliable due to the fact that I didn't give the account number of my friend at the time the order was placed, the customer service rep didn't mention to us that we had to give that information after knowing that someone referred us, the rep then stated that there was nothing he could do, so I then asked to speak with his supervisor regarding the matter and explained to him what happen and that it wasn't our fault, we did our part by letting her know that a friend referred us, he then too, stated that there was nothing he could do, I stated that they were both lying and that I've worked in customer service for 15 years and there is something that they could do, they just didn't want to.

So after going back and forth with the supervisor, he suggested that I call the Refer A Friend 866# and speak with one of there reps, (now here's the funny part) the 866# that he was referring to was the same exact number I called to speak with him, once telling him this, he couldn't understand as to how that happen, so I took his advice and called the 866# AGAIN, and low and behold, I ended up right back in his same department, speaking with the same customer rep I was speaking with before he got on the phone.

Again, we go back and forth about my credit, I got so frustrated with them both (the rep and supervisor) that I hung up the phone and called the 800# number back and spoke with another rep, who seemed to be a lot more helpful then they were (so I thought), I explained to her my situation about the Refer A Friend credit and she stated that she would take care of it, being that we just place the order two days ago and it wasn't activated until yesterday. She assured me that the credit would show on my first bill and my friends first bill and that she notated my account explaining what had happen. I asked if she was sure about this, she stated that she was sure, not to worry, that it was all taken care of. I asked her why couldn't they do the same thing that she did to fix my problem, she stated that she wasn't sure and that she apologized on their behalf. So I was fine and felt that the problem was solved, up until I recieve my first bill.

Apon receiving my first bill, I noticed that my bill was $119.40, so now I'm pissed beyond pissed off. I notice that on my bill, instead of billing me for $39.99 for the package offer, they were billing me $60.99 for the service and only part of my $21.00 rebate had been processed for only $5.00, and there was no sign of the Refer A Friend credit anywhere. So yes I was HOT!

I called DIRECTV, and asked as to why my Refer A Friend credit was not showing up on my account and why only a partical of my rebate is showing up as a credit of $5.00. Here we go again.....they stated that I needed to call the rebate dept to speak with them about my credits, I called the 866# a third time and honestly I think I was speaking with the same guy that I spoke with before, because he gave me the same answer, "There was nothing they could do about it, and that I was supposed to have given my friend account number at the time of the order". I then asked him about why is it that only $5.00 of my rebate is showing up, then goes to tell me that I would have to call the other rebate dept for that information. I then asked him to take a look at the notes on my account from the last rep who stated that she took care of the issue, he stated that he read the notes, but he's not sure why she told me that she could fix the issue because there's nothing that could be done after the order is activated. He then goes to tell me that he would escalate my issue to a higher dept and I should hear something back in 10-14 business days, I told him that was unexceptable and that I just wanted to cancel my service and that there customer service sucks and that they need to pull that commerical about them having excellent customer service because they don't, they are mean and they tell lies.

So I called the cancellation dept to have my service cancelled and the guy I spoke with Jeff, was very nice, up until this point when he stated that he really wish there was something he could do to give me a credit and he would love to keep me as a customer, and that if I cancelled my service I would have to pay $440.45 to cancel. WHAT THE ***!!!! I told them that they were crazy and that I have'nt even had the service for 30 days, more less 20. He then told me that I could contact there Coporate Office by email from there website, explaining in details about what happen and that mayber they could apply the credits on there end because he was very limited to what he could do for me.

I called the Coporate Office, which took me a while after researching the internet, to find out where it was located. And by the way this is the Coporate Office/ Headquaters phone number and address:


(310) 535-5000

2230 East Imperial Highway

EL SEGUNDO, California 90245

I called there and asked to be transferred to there complaint/dispute department. There I spoke with a Debbie, who wouldn't give me her last name, only her ID#R9149. I explained to her situation for the sixth time, she then read the notes on my account and saw that I'd been calling numerous times. I thought that she would be of some help, but she told me the same thing that the guy told me, that there was nothing they could do about giving me the Refer A Friend credit, but what she could do is go ahead and activate and apply my remaining $16.00 credit from my $21.00 rebate that was never fully applied and that she could also give me an extra $5.00 off my bill for the next 12 months, now this totals up to be $26.00 worth of credit all together, to include that partical $5.00 credit. My original credit should have been $31.00 off my first bill. Now don't this seem kind of strange that she could give me the extra $5.00 off my bill each month, but not the full $10.00 for the Refer A Friend credit? DIRECTV is full of you know what. But you better believe once my husband gets home from work we will seriously talk about cancelling this service today and going back to cable. I whather pay the $440.45, then to spend anymore time fooling with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Well what you have to do in order for it to work correctly is tell them the account number of the person referring you when you order. Call 1-866-443-8869 or enter the account number at

I used account number 40711911, and it worked like a champ! I got the confirmation of the credit before it was even installed.