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Hey all. I'm physically sick from everything DirecTV is putting me through. Get ready for this. About six months after getting DirecTV I had to move. The apartment I moved into had no line of sight. The representative told me that I would still need to pay flthe large cancellation fee if I were to cancel. She then said I could suspend my account rather than cancel until I were to move again. So I suspended my account and went on.

About six months later the service automatically reinstated so I called again to resuspend. The rep then said that I could just go ahead and cancel my account without the early termination fee due to no line of sight. I agreed to that and she mailed the recovery kit to return my the set tops. The rep said that was all I needed to do and that my balance was $0.

Move on to a couple days later. I'm in the checkout lane at Wal-Mart with a cartfull of groceries and stuff. I go to pay and my debit card declines. Luckily I could use my credit card.

I get home and take a look at my bank transactions, and there was a whopping $987.52 charge from DirecTV which brought me down to a few dollars in my checking account. Mildly freaking out, I call DirecTV and ask them what this was. They told me it was the unreturned equipment plus cancellation fees. I explained to the rep everything and after escalation to supervisor, they promply admitted fault and said they will be issuing a refund and it would take 8 TO 10 BUSINESS days.

So now here I stand during the holidays, automatic bill payments for my electric and gas which will bounce, and no money for over a week. I explained this to the supervisor and begged for them to do something to get this back in my account immediately. They wouldn't do a single thing for me or even show a bit of sympathy for my situation.

This has to be the worst thing a multimillion dollar company has ever done to me. I'm just a single 22 year old guy that is taking care of his mom and four younger siblings. I really don't know what I'm supposed to do now.

I did try asking Chase for help, but the results of that need to go I'm another post. Basically they said they would not credit the funds back temporarily because I said that DirecTV was in the process of refunding the unauthorized charge. I swear today is "let's see how much stress Andrew can endure" day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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If this is such a problem, change your bank account so they can't do it in the future!!! If possible, always do direct payment via credit card-- if there is a problem, you can always dispute the charges; you can't do that very well from your checking account + you're out the money until the dispute is settled...


i have one for you i am fighting with right now because they took out 700.00 in total out of my checking account. this payment is not even posted to my directv account and they told me when i called them that they do not show that payment and that evadently these a fraud charges but they said that it would have take 8 to 14 business days to review it.

so i had to fax them the paper work from my bank and know im waiting for them to give me my money back. when i call to speak to someone in financial management no body has a number for them because they do not except calls from customers.

when i asked the billing dept how they will now when this is fixed all they told me was that it would be put on my account and i said why would they do that because its not even for my bill. i also told them that i am not gonna pay my bill until they give me my money back.


Same thing here but over five years ago. I canceled directv because of their poor service here, by that time i didnt have to send back their equipment , they said i owned it...and i didnt owe anything, six months later they took moneyout of my checking account, 51.00.

I called them and they said it was a mistake, but they wouldnt give me my money back, so i called the bank and they disputed it, said it was illegal what they did, and returned the money to my account...

Now almost six years later, some lawyer calls me and says pay my directv bill, i said i dont have directv i have dish network, and he said, no you do not, so there it stands, but now its 120.00 i just hang up om them because this is the 10th company that they have contacted to harrass me, the others listened to me and said, ok you dont owe anything, now this lawyer, is threatening me,,honetly i dont owe them anything, what do i do??


They did the same to me. I went to the bank an filed a fraud claim on them. The bank is now investigating it.


I am haven a similar problem... they took out the amount that i made online BUT then took out the same amount once again...

So i am now $146 incl insuffiecient funds charge behind... They told me it would take 8 business days 2 post to my checking acct... its been 15days nd have not seen the $$ i have made 7 attempts by clling them... I was also told i am NOT allowed 2 speak to a manager, hung up on 3 times, and called a ***.

I have 9mons left 4 my 2yr agreement nd they will not allow me to cancel.... I have made a total of 34 phone calls since i have had Direct Tv... This is the THIRD time they have STOLEN $$ from my acct... They have also charged me 4 services i do not recieve and have NEVER recieved.

Its VERY fustrating.. I wish i knew a way that i could do something legally!


I was about to sign up for e-billing, but think I won't now. They told me I have to so I can get my full rebate.

I signed up thru AT&T and now they won't give me the 1/2 off for a year deal they promised. My bill was supposed to be $30 and they're trying to make me pay $40.

I went to AT&T, but they won't stand behind what they told me either. I'll go back to Dish after my contract is up.


Dude I dont Know where you live. Contact the small claim court or for bigger money try to get them to court.

And if you said its true tell your lawer to get recording of your conversation with directtv. good luck.