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Directv took 356.20 out of my bank account without any authorization.When I called, they said it was because I did not fulfill my 24 month contract I signed on my DVR.

I asked for a copy of this contract and she emailed me the Directv consumer agreement. This had no mention of a 24 month contract. I waited on the phone and pointed this out to her. She said if I wanted a copy of my contract, I would have to have my attorney contact their legal department.

I have been a Directv customer since June 2004. The only reason I had to cancel was because I moved to a new community that faces the wrong direction for me to receive service. She also mentioned because my husband called in to cancel our service, this automatically gave them permission to charge my debit card, my card, my account, with my name on it. Not likely!

It just goes to show what loyalty to a company will get you.

After being a huge Directv supporter for the last 4 years, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure consumers realize the lack of concern this company truly shows for its customers.

I just want my refund on this fee for this fictitious contract.Then maybe one day I will consider forgiving the company and going back to them.

Monetary Loss: $356.


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It took almost a year but they finally issued me a check as a refund. My advice, do not give up. Keep harassing them.


Well finally.Persistence wore off.

I called every week like clock work and finally, December 30th, they credited me.

Keep calling them!!They will cave.


ive been dealing with the same issues 10 years with them and they treat you like garbage, my tivo broke i called them and word for word from the it at the other end NO CHARGE YOU JUST NEED TO PAY SHIPPING i said thats fine its just like tivo rite the it said yes it is.well now that ive cancelled my service after having a dvr now not a tivo box for 3 1/2 months there trying to charge me $366.??.

ive sent this to the better business buero, they are helping i deal with directv threw them now.everybody needs to send there complaints to them


I am sorry to hear what Directv did to you.They did the same to me and caused me so much strain on my bank acct.

They took a total of 419.00 out of my acct on dec 24th. I had cancelled july 17, 08. I have the email to verify that i cancelled and they still robbed me. They caused me also to have 330.00 in service fees.

My bank is standing by me and they said that they had problems with other customers dealing with directv. I am not going to give up, i will do what ever it takes to get my money back. I am going to file a police report if they do not follow through. This was FRAUD in my book and wrong.

If you go to they have tons of complaints also. I will never deal with them again.

I was with them for 12 yrs and they did this to me.Have a good evening.

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