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My mother had a account with Directv. I had on numerous occasions paid her bill for her. I first paid them over the phone talking to a rep. They NEVER informed me that I was being entered into a contract with them. For that matter, I had to put her on the phone to confirm that they had permission to speak to me about her account. After she became terminal, I paid her bill regularly.

She died on Jan. 12 of this year. She had no will or executor of estate. My family just jumped in and we all worked to get things finalized. The other day we deposited my husbands pay check as normal, and shortly after got a email alert saying my account was at $14. Quickly reviewing my online bank account there sat a $700. charge from directv.

I thought with a quick phone call things would be resolved. I got up with directv and my bank and found out that I had entered a contract by helping her. My bank said this was a horrible problem they encounter daily. They said that Directv has a clause that allows them to drain non account holders accounts. THEY NEVER CHARGED MY MOTHERS STILL ACTIVE BANK ACCOUNT- THEY HIT MINE. You would think they would have hit her account being she had the account with them. I know for a fact she used her own account to pay her bill before she got sick.

I had to ask them to send boxes so that I might re pack the equipment and get it to them. I am lucky that the boxes were put in storage. It would have been horrible not to have been able to locate the boxes being she is DEAD, not like I could ask her. I even was so desperate I asked them to re activate the boxes and let me set up an account with them, hoping to get my money returned. I asked them to put the money back, send return boxes and give me so many days to fedex them go there either. They would not work with me in any way.

In closing.... I have NO money... NOTHING left in my bank account. I have no money to get groceries for my child, and this was grocery week. We help my husbands mother too, and our bills are laid out so that everything is scheduled.

I am trying to get my bank to send out notices to people who pay out to directv. A notice needs to be sent letting people know that they have entered into a contract with directv just by paying a bill, to go to their site and read the fine print. I am pushing for this because of course Directv is not going to, they would loose money. I'd shut my mom's service down a year ago had I known. None of her other bill account holders (that I had paid to help her) drained my bank account....why?..... BECAUSE I AM NOT THE ACCOUNT HOLDER. What a concept huh?. I have referred to this as legal terrorism. Our government has let big business cross the line when they allow such a underhanded transaction to be legal.

This is amazing that I can be held responsible for an account that is not mine. I signed no contract and was not verbally informed. The poor rep. I first talked to, told me at first "just hold on, we'll take care of this mistake"... she came back and apologized for not being able to help. She informed me that she too pays her moms account there from time to time and was not aware of this. She told me " As soon as we get off the phone I am taking my credit card information out of the system". Now isn't that something? Their own employees don't even know about that little clause. NO wonder any of the reps I had previously spoken to informed me of my obligation to be liable for her account.

I am hoping that someone out there is able to avoid the same thing by being alerted ahead of time, or the company itself comes up with some kind of verbal confirmation so they know that their customers caretakers are made aware ahead of time.

Thank you so much for your time,

Please help pass this information around,


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Close your bank account and switch to a completely different bank.


I had a similar story, but I never used DirecTV nor has anyone in my family used them. They charged my bank account twice and both times I had a my bank refund it.

I was told to fax them my bank statement with the transaction requested. Well, I did and guess what... they cannot refund it me back to my bank account?

DirecTV will not last long as a business with this type of service. You can be sure I am telling all my friends, social media contacts, and any option I have to make sure people never use there service.


Wow...why would I lie about my mother laying @ the wilmington crematory for 8 days? And yes I get my bank statement at a different address.

I will call monday and see if that loop hole works. Umm not that it matters but the yard does flood you ***. I can't believe that all you have to do is sit your butt online and mouth off to people. And guess what the dog does have cancer lol.

Anyway thank you to those who posted helpful comments.

To the others get your hands out of your pants, put down the pot and beer and get a job. You have way to much free time or work for directv and are doing damage control.


Current directv employee.......

I have been here 2 months and want to quit because I don't have the heart to screw customers over the way we are trained. But I just wanted to tell you there's a loophole to get your money back.

A) your bank can dispute the charges for you and you get refunded in 10 days, or B) if you receive your bank statement at a different address than your mother received her service, directv can reverse the charges in 10 days, then you have to call back after they return the money to your moms directv account, and request a refund check to be sent in the mail, 3 to 5 more days later you will get it. And ps. Fax the death certificate in to writeoff any money owed on the account.

No one is responsible to pay the bill after she passed. Sorry this has happened to you.


there is no assumption of liability for the account beyond your agreement. if the agreement is for one bill only then that is the full extent of the agreement.

they cannot tag you on to the contract without your consent just because you paid with a credit card. that is fraud. legally they have to destroy their copy of your number immediately after charging you electronically.

hire an attorney and sue them. demand an immediate and full refund.


NerdlingerSS...Please if you don't have helpful advice Please stay off!!My brother died recently and he laid in the morgue about that long because of problems with his insurance co.It can happen and does!

bthpckrs..please don't give up! file compaints with the FTC,Attorney General,BBB , call your local tv's troubleshooter,newspaper troubleshooter, call you senator,Keep calling until someone listens to you and gets your money refunded.Last resort you may have to consult an attorney you may qualify for free legal services depending on your income.(Don't even bother talking to DTV) Again,I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this just after losing your Mother.


I just checked out Michael Finney's blog. I'm in Coastal NC...

It was 9 on your side we had called.

I am still going to message him though, I found through google there are tons of people in the same boat.

I feel like I am standing on a mountain top screaming and no one can hear...I feel like jumping at this point, LOL.


I did contact my bank, and they said that directv has some legal clause that holds me liable. I originally thought it was because in the latter part of my mothers sickness she paid it online through the directv website, but the supervisor I talked to today (directv) informed me it didn't matter if it was through their website or via phone. Thats when I told them I personally made payments via phone and was not informed I was then entering a contract with them.

My bank was unable to help. I did cancel my bank card to avoid anymore charges. It doesn't matter, I have no money anyway. I have a check out if it hits while I am broke, I will get a nice NFS charge on top of it all.

Its been so embarrassing...having to ask friends for enough to feed my kid. I work at a vets office, thats how I managed to feed my dog and cat. Now I have to figure out how to get them to hold off on my house payment next week, so I can get some groceries. All that is going to do is put me behind, I don't know how long its going to take to recover. On top of all this, I fractured my back in 3 places taking care of my mom (wheel chair bound) the last few months of her life and have had to ask for more hours so hopefully don't loose everything.

I just can't believe how much they messed me up. I can't believe how unwilling they were to work with me. I can't believe that I can be on the *** of loosing everything, for an account that I didn't open.

I think my mom used 7 on your side when she fought DOT about the yard flooding. I then called them when she died and she laid in the Morgue for 8 days in Wilmington before we could get a doctor to sign off on her death certificate. After finding I called them they signed that day. The problem with Directv is I guess its on the terms agreement online. I didn't know she was actually putting my credit card number saved under "my account" on her directv website account. I thought she was calling it in, but like I said, they said it wouldn't have made a difference. I have no legal recourse. Directv has their butts covered as far as the legal stuff goes.

Again, I just don't understand, why I was never verbally told when I made the payment for her, afterall the rep needed me to put my mom on the phone to confirm they could discuss the account with me. They knew at that point that I (her daughter) was making the payments on the account. I feel they should have had to have a verbal consent recorded. Thank you so much for your time.

I wasn't sure that anyone would listen or care, I feel so blind sided, I'm irate. Just please spread the word, so others can be protected. I am on the *** of loosing my house, car/house insurance and electricity, and they could care less.

Thanks again, and forgive my rambling :)



This is enough to make me sick! I have read about DTV doing this before.I agree with Mona get in touch with your local tv or newspaper's "Troubleshooter" hopefully they can get this resolved for you and talk to your bank sometimes they can reverse the charges for you.I am so sorry you lost your Mom and have all this to deal with.


I was so outraged by what you said Directv did, that I wrote to 7 on your side and asked them to follow up with you about it. If what you have written is accurate, I bet 7 on your side will contact Directv and get them to resolve it with you. Good luck.