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Are the customers going to get a discount for every day KSL is off the air????? The CEO made over $200,000.00 last year what do these people do to rape the customer for that kind of wage there are only 365 days in a year do the math we are being ripped off due to their greediness so pay the rate like comcast and all the other TV providers do the CEO should step up and share the wealth with the customer pay us $500 a day while your holding back with KSL my 86 year old dad says it sucks when a big company acts like Directv and we all pay come on AT&T / Directv quit being so greedy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We are lost without channel 5, KSL, NBC, I keep calling Direct TV and no one can seem to give me a straight answer on when they are getting it back, I am giving them a week then I am going to call Dish Network and get service through them, I live in Moroni, Utah and we love channel 5 and we will not stand for not having it, we pay over $81.00 per month for Direct TV and no channel 5 now, no NBC, they have some super shows and we love to watch the Local News as well, KSL. PLease everyone call Direct TV and complain so we can get channel 5 back on!!!!!!


This is a pattern with DirecTV. Same thing going on in San Diego.

From that article, apparently "local broadcasters have blacked out their stations 65 times so far this year, according to the American Television Alliance, a pay TV industry group."

It's not just one local group - it's a trend with them. I'm done with DirecTV.


OK why should DirecTV pay you anything they are not the ones that pulled you NBC station the local provider did,but if you insist you could probably get a $5 credit witch is more then you pay for that 1 channel out of to package, you want to vent your rage do it at the people who actually took the channels away the provider they are the ones counting on sheepole like you to blame DirecTV

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