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Today the DTV phone number 1-800-531-5000 called my phone 8 times throughout the day. I finally got annoyed and answered the call a "specialist" claiming he was with DTV (whom I could barely understand) Presented me with a promotional offer.

Since we bundle with DTV if we prepay for 4 months at this special price lock gurantee of $320 we will get 2 years of service for $79.99 a month, which would include upgrades, the premium channel package and the NFL sports package. He asked if I was interested so I said sure and he connected me to his "supervisor" (which honestly sounded like the same guy) He gave me a recap of what the deal would include and then added that the payment would have to be made with an Amazon gift card (he said that it was because DTV was partnered with Amazon to offer this special deal) stated that we would have to use code DTV5981 and call 888-902-2405 by 10pm EST. Lucky enough my husband and I are not very trusting people when it comes to people who we can't understand, repeatedly calling our phones.

It is a SCAM, I don't know how they are spoofing a number and making it show up as the DTV phone number. We called DTV ourselves and they have no record of outgoing calls being made to us.

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