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Services cut off 5 times within 2 weeks. Refused to issue credit for fraudulent changing my package without my permission.

Directv tried to put the blame on Verizon due to a bundle package. Had me to sign another contract under false pretenses. Did not make me aware that the Choice package had lost a lot of the channels before signing abroad again. The Choice package included both Lifetime channels at one time and this was always my package.

I had to call back a day later and increase to another package just to get both Lifetime channels. Directv add additional channels on my bill and change my protection plan from $7.99 to $19.99 without my permission. Directv gave me the run around trying to get the credit that was due to me which was over $200 for about two months. In the meanwhile, my service was interrupted over five times.

I was not for non payments because each time I call to let them know service was off; it was immediately turn right back on. Directv punish me due to I caught them ripping me off and ask for a credit. I got so frustrated being on the phone for a hour or more each call to have my service restored. The fifth cut off for no reason of my own, I decided to cancel my service.

I just agreed over the phone to sign another contract less than two weeks ago. The games start right after a credit was do to me. I finally received a bill for almost $500. Directv charge me a cancellation fee of $250 due to their mistakes which was no fault of my own.

This is how they treat a customer since 2004; a 13 years loyalty customer with no concern or care to solve my problem. I will like for my cancellation fee be waived due to false liars about what channels was include in the Choice package. Fraudulent changing items on my bill, inconvenience of calling over 15 times in less than 30 days being on the phone for hours and hours and interruption services five times. Large companies can fall also for mistreatment of your customers and to many complaints/lawsuits.

The company do not look good with BBB, Consumer Affairs, FTC, Twitter, Facebook and many more on line. Marilyn McCloud

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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