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Direct tv is the worst service I've ever had.Most of the channels I was promised when I signed I do not even get. On top of that we were promised that we could try the service for 30 days and if we did not like it we could cancel with no termination fees. My wife called in and talked to someone and ended up having to talk to the supervisor about just canceling our service. The supervisor told my wife she would escalate the issue to her manager...
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Anonymous From my understanding you only have 24 hours to cancel, which is one of the many reasons, I'm not a current Directv customer.

I got offered 1 month free HBO and Showtime as a consolation for a problem I had with them.Told him I didn't watch those and he said "well you get a month free at least". So I'm like ok. So I get my bill with an extra $31. I call and they said it's for the movie channels and that I agreed to cancel after 3 months?! What?! Never brought up to follow up to cancel, I never agreed and would never agree to that. Jen says it's staying, supposedly...
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