Directv Tv Service Installation Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Value for money
I have been a "loyal customer for years" I recently moved the technician that installed service at my new house was rude and blatantly obvious about the fact he didn't want to be there.He recommended I put dish right in the middle of a 2 acre lawn which I said um ok but realized it didn't make any sense would have been just fine on house like every one else's. I called direct tv and was confident they would help me find a resolution for the...
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My wife scheduled an install approximately 1 month ago and the installer showed up and said that we needed to have another phone jack installed and that he would have to reschedule until after we had it done.We had it done and called about the reschedule but were informed that the order had been cancelled and had to start the process over again. We did and the installers came out several weeks later (this passed Monday) a few hours after it was...
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I didn't like
  • Customer technical service
Bought a house with an existing direct tv antenna.After signing up with ATT/Direct TV, paying the installation, and making several calls and two weeks later, I was told that neither company will get on the roof to provide service. So while I have a dish and the previous owners had direct tv, I cannot get sevice because the technicians are "not allowed" to go up a ladder to go on a 12 ft roof to get the existing dish connected for sevice. How a...
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I contacted AT & T and was advised that Direct TV is now part of the ATT family. So I decided to have new service on my 3rd property. The other 2 properties also have Direct TV. I requested a Saturday appointment for Saturday, 6/11/2016, under the advisement of the ATT representative. The ATT representative advised that I should be accommodated for said date. The ATT representative reiterated that Direct TV was voted #1 in customer...
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Tech said he cannot put dish on my garage.No lines can go over a driveway. There is no driveway between garage and house--just grass and a patio area that my phone line goes over from the pole next to the garage. His supervisor was to call me within 20 minutes. Well four hours later, three phone calls from me to find out what is going on, they say they tried to reach me but I did not answer the phone that was right next to me, unused for four...
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I liked
  • Having tv when it does work
  • Installer
I didn't like
  • Scamming people trying to get by
  • Idiots in cusromer service that i could barely understand
  • Customer service support