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Yes,we received their new agreement link/ email as well. We have had Directv since 1997 .

We own our dish,our DVR and we had a newer receiver in another room. They scrambled our programming on the one receiver and when we called to notify them of the problem, they sent a repair man. He had 2 refurbished ancient receivers to choose from.They looked like the first receivers Directv came out with. We settled on the least scratched one with no duct tape.

It has never worked very well.Not a clear picture as it should provide. They should of given us the newer receiver.Not an old refurbished one. The repair man said we were on the A list..for being with Directv so long. That must be a legacy customer they are talking about.

They updated the title. I called Directv with the repair man with me. I spoke to a supervisor. He basically offered no help.

This receiver we have now,requires you to run a system test to get some channels to be the correct channels that they should be. We have to do it several times a day to see the correct channel. It only happens to 2-3 channels,You will miss the beginning of a program.But,you have to do it. So,I sympathize with all that is having problems with this company.

It is worse with AT&T. The Directv app doesn't work either. We are looking into another alternative TV provider. We may look for another phone service too.

Don't ask us to agree to your terms..when you give nothing in return. Directv ...dont ask us to commit to something.You don't

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Cut your losses and run to higher ground it only gets worse!

As a Land Lord.......

My next contracts will have in bold letters, NO DIRECT TV OR AT&T installations can be performed on this property! If you don't like it, contact this service providers for a rental unit to live in.

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