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Very upset with direct tv !! My bill was 188.23 then they sent me another bill for141.82 then i called to see each is my bill they told me its 141.82 .so i payed 141.82 well now they sent my new bill and they are charging me the a balance of 46.41 from the 188.23 I called to see why I'm getting charged the 46.41 what I simply got an email stating that my bill was 141.82 and I call to confirm which bill is it the 188.23 or 141.82 and they confirmed it o it's a 141.82 so I paid the one 141.82 well to me the lady that I talked to told me wrong that I should have paid the 188.23 but to me since I had a e-mail and simply called and they told me to pay the 141.82was my bill that they should credit my bill 46.41 because it was their fault not mine and they will not do it that is so wrong about to find a different TV service

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So you want credit because you can't figure out the bill? Go online and and view the bill it tells you all the charges.

I'm going to call a company and ask for the bill and then call again and say we'll I got something else ummmm I want credit because I don't understand.... Let's see how that works out.