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I called to complain that we were having a box issue. They proceeded to run tests so on and so forth I spoke with a perfectly nice woman.

And she informed me that they need to come out to service it problem being as they want to give you a four hour window and I have a busy life and don't have time to sit around for 4 hours. So upon them telling me this I said I need an hour time frame. Which they refused to do. And further told me that if they set it up and did a call ahead and I couldn't get there the tech would wait 15 minutes and if I was no longer there he would leave for his next job.

So they're telling me their time is more valuable than mine. I run a customer service based business as well and I'm conscientious of my customers time I would never give them a four hour window or at least accommodate them in some way shape or form that best fits their life and needs. Because without your customers you are nothing. DIRECTV treat new customers like gold but after that initial two years that you sign a contract for the honeymoon is over.

Their willingness to help existing customers that have paid their bill online every month is below subpar.and furthermore I said to them can you mail me a new box I'll mail you the old one they can do all the testing they want when they get the old one back and it fits everybody's schedule in life. And they proceeded to tell me know and were not willing to accommodate me in any way shape or form. So my advice to anybody going to direct tv is get it for the first two years at the end of year to contract run for the hills because you are nothing but a number they don't care about you how they treat you or talk to you. I was very irate at the end of our conversation ask to talk to a manager which did not even try and the least bet to understand my issue I work 7 days a week 365 days a year my time is just as valuable as theirs.and they tried to tell me well four hours is all we can do and that is not OK with me and I'm sure it is not okay with many other people out there.

I said to the manager the correct way to put that would have been to say I will call your local office use only offering the for our windows and see if they can accommodate you in any way and call you back. And she fell back to her same spiel on how they can not help me out at all with the issue that I was having they can't send a replacement box which is Bologna. I am extremely dissatisfied and during our conversation the lady upset me to the point where there was some choice words said. And I also told her I hope the call is being recorded and they can use this for training purposes because their level of competency and care for the customer is that of a pion.

And that is exactly how they treat you. So for all you new customers out there whatever you do don't have an issue with one of your boxes they won't help you will treat everybody like they're an *** an offer not an iota of help.!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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