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I have been a customer of direct TV since 2011, I was happy with the service I even recommended it to friends, but now it is so bad i am seriously looking for a new service provider.I don't know if this issues brewing all along but since you married AT&T is has been downhill for us. we don't have a good interned connection we cannot download a movie and watch it immediately, my bill is higher than ever and I just had a customer service person...
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just got directv was told that my cost per month would be 75plus tax for the first year for ultimate package well my firs bill is 91.97. their home website even says ultimate all included 75.00 for first year well after 3 days on phone im just told thats the price live with it. was also supposed to recieve a $100 visa card well nobody has been able to tell me if i will or will not get it. it is just crazy how much of a run around it has been...
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Anonymous boss, it is possible that you got that promo through att, and those guys are messing up dtv for good. all included has up to 4 receivers included, it means you could have 1 to...

I have had direct tv for 1 year and 8 months.Like everyone else on here I had good pricing for the first year but It increased after the year and now I am paying $200 a month I call the company and explain that my local cable company is willing to give same programming with Internet for $50 less than I pay now. My direct tv service not only increased in price but decreased in actual box functionality. When I change the channel it takes 30 secs...
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